Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring Into Horror Read-A-Thon: Mid-Week Check-In

As I mentioned earlier this week in my Monday Maunder, I am participating in the Spring Into Horror Read-A-Thon hosted by Michelle of Seasons of Reading.  You can probably tell that I'm not getting much writing done around here this week, but I am getting some amazing reading done.  I think I may be coming out of this reading slump with a vengeance!  Let me expand on what I have actually accomplished . . . 

I have finished TWO books . . . 

Y:  The Last Man - Deluxe Edition Book Three by Brian K. Vaughn

Y:  The Last Man - The Deluxe Edition Book Four by Brian K. Vaughn

I also have started reading . . . 

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

For my overall stats . . .

Books Read:  2
Pages Read:  641

I am definitely pleased with these results so far!  I can't wait to see how the second half of the read-a-thon goes!

How are you doing with reading this week, whether you are participating in the read-a-thon or not?


  1. I wouldn't call GONE GIRL a horror book. It certainly didn't horrify me.

    Don't get me wrong. It's a good book, five-star right up to the second-from-last page. Every page of the book builds more and more tension. It really is the best kind of book: unputdownable.

    But the end: other reviewers have said that it comes as a surprise. True. But I didn't like it. It is as if Flynn couldn't think of an end to the story so just stopped.

    Right away, the book hints of impending doom. And the tension doesn't stop, although the chapters near the end get silly, I think.

    Most of all, though, I think the end should be rewritten. This is a five-star book that loses a star because of the last two pages.

    See if you agree.

    1. techeditor ... We can read other things for the read-a-thon outside of horror. Mystery-ish books count to! You have me very intrigued about this story now! I will definitely keep you posted when I finish!!

  2. You can focus on writing this coming week during the write-a-thon!

    1. Amateur Novelist ... Very true!! That's what I am going to do!! :)


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