Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Maunder: April 15, 2013


Sadly, I am STILL reading A Tale of Time City by Diana Wynne Jones.  Don't get me wrong . . . it's a good book.  I just have had VERY little reading time this month.  I can't believe it!  I am hoping to finally finish it this week, but there is no guarantee at this time.  I NEED my reading time for my mental health!

I'm planning on participating in the Spring Into Horror Read-a-thon next week to help in jump-starting my reading back to normal.  I have not yet decided which books to read for it.  I think I am going to wait and see where this week takes me and decide from there.  You can expect to see my plan here next week!

How is your reading these days?  Will you be participating in any upcoming read-a-thons?


I posted a review this last week ... finally!!  In case you missed it, check out my thoughts on Y:  The Last Man (Deluxe Editions Book One & Two) by Brian K. Vaughn.

In addition to that one review, I have been working on a couple of other blogging projects:  Book Bloggers International and Armchair BEA!  In fact, registration just opened for the latter, so be sure to click on over and get registered!!  I've got a few things yet to do for each of these, and then I'm back to focusing on reviews and bookish chatter here again!

What blogging projects have you been working on these days?


My writing is also back with a little piece over at Walrus Publishing:  Ridley Pearson Releases Kingdom Keepers VI!  (Side note:  GREAT series that I highly recommend!)  It is not a lot, but I am celebrating my writing successes these days, since they are so few and far between.

What have been some of your recent writing successes?


This last week, I celebrated another birthday!  That was the highlight of my week, including my gift of the movie, The Hobbit!!

This week will be the start of my month countdown to the last day of work, something I am really looking forward to!  It is time to move on and I am really looking forward to my next adventures ... whatever they may be!

For those who are wanting the details of the house drama, today marks my house being on the market for 17 days.  We have now had 11 showings with 0 offers.  I (im)patiently wait!

Lastly, I close this week's maunder with a comment on today's tragic events in Boston.  My heart goes out to all those affected and I will be keeping you all in my thoughts.  


  1. Seriously, 17 days and 11 showings? The fact that you have no offers yet is just a technicality at this point in time. You are doing so well. I don't think I had 11 showings in the entire time our house was for sale!

    1. Michelle Shannon ... Thank you so much for making me feel better!! As of today, we are now at 16 scheduled showings. Just waiting for that technicality to work itself out now!! :)

  2. The house buying/selling game isn't one I do well at. When I listed in the past, I expected an offer right Guess I'd never make a good realtor.

    1. Amateur Novelist ... I really don't think I'm doing well either! I want instant gratification and I'm not getting it! :)


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