Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day 4 of Share a Story, Shape a Future: The ABCs of Reading and Writing

Badge art courtesy of
Elizabeth Dulemba
I am so very excited today to be hosting Day 4 of Share a Story, Shape a Future, featuring The ABCs of Reading and Writing and focusing on children ages 4-5.  Let's first take a quick peak at what has been covered so far this week . . .

So many wonderful stories, resources, and experiences have been shared, and there is so many more to come.  In fact, you can share your own stories (and have a chance to enter amazing giveaways) by participating in the Writing About Reading prompts.

Now for today's great links featuring The ABCs of Reading and Writing (ages 4-5) . . .

This week is not yet over.  We still have more amazing information coming your way tomorrow with Look Mom, I Can Read (Age 5) at Family Bookshelf with Terry Doherty.

What is your favorite memory of reading with your preschooler?  What books do you recommend for this age?


  1. Thanks for hosting, Tif!! My favorite memory is probably when my daughter tried to tell me she was reading Little Quack but holding the book upside down!

    1. Terry Doherty ... It has been completely my pleasure! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

      I absolutely love your favorite memory! That is too adorable!! :)


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