Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Maunder: February 25, 2013


I am wrapping up the book Use Your Words:  A Writing Guide For Mothers by Kate Hopper tonight.  This means that tomorrow I will be picking up my next read.  In case you missed it, this last week I put out a reader vote for my next book.  And, the winner is . . . Cinder by Marissa Meyer!!!  Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn was a very close second, so I will be reading that one immediately after.  With all the good opinions shared, I am really curious to see what I think of these tales myself!

Are you excited for my next reads?  What is next on your reading list?


I would have thought that my reader vote was going to be the top post for the week, but I was wrong!  When I look at my stats, I go back to two reviews that I wrote - one that I wrote earlier this year and the other was one I wrote a while ago.  The popularity of these back-dated reviews still take me by surprise every time!  For those curious, here are the links to the top three posts from the week:

What were your top posts on your site this week?  Any links I MUST read?


I am opting to skip this one this week!  There has been little to no writing recently, but I must change this ASAP!  My list of projects is building all too quickly!!


Life has entailed nothing more than packing, cleaning, and painting around here (and very likely contributing to slow reading and little writing)!  We meet with our realtor again this week to start the actual process of putting our house on the market, which means it is time to get rid of a LOT of stuff.  I have really started sorting out the kids' books and have made it through more than half of them already.  I have even catalogued every one that remains in the family collection.  My problem now is finding more boxes good for holding books!!  I'm getting there!!  Feel free to check out my ridiculous amount of books that I have recently added to my "shelves."

Am I the only one that wants to keep track of all my books in a gross amount of detail?  Any good recommendations on where to get great book boxes?


  1. You are going to love Cinder. I haven't read Gone Girl. That one scares me a bit...

  2. What are my top posts this week? (lol) I don't check my stats for obvious reasons. I'm lucky if anyone actually reads my posts. You, Jo, and Michelle are pretty much it. And that's a perfect amount. :)

    1. Amateur Novelist ... Ha! And, I haven't been over recently! I need to get there soon to catch up!

  3. You cataloged your kids' books too? That is certainly a level of organization I would never consider. I think the actual number of books they own, on top of my own, would send me to an early grave.

    Good luck with your ongoing preparations! It sounds like you are making great progress, and soon your hard work will pay off for you!

    1. Michelle Shannon ... I really was not going to originally catalog the kids' books, but one thing led to another!

      We are getting so close now to put the house on the market!! Cannot wait to just get through this!


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