Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Maunder: August 6, 2012


Not a lot of reading has been taking place this last week as most of my time has been spent watching the Olympics!  I did finish Acts of Faith by Eboo Patel and finally got to start Blackout by Mira Grant.  I am having such a hard time putting this one down though, taking it with me wherever I go!  It's amazing how quickly I was able to fall back into Grant's zombie apocalyptic world!

After finishing Blackout, I plan to read The Walking Dead:  Book Four by Robert Kirkham followed by Uglies by Scott Westerfield and finally, Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness.  I am very excited for all of these, but we will see if I can tear my eyes away from the TV long enough to dive into all of them this week!


Writing has also been suffering thanks to the Olympics.  Hoping to get back to it, but not holding my breath this week.  I anticipate next week to be much better!  I have a long list of things to write and cannot keep procrastinating!!


The most exciting thing here besides my ridiculous amount of time in front of the TV watching gymnastics, swimming, volleyball, and more was my decision to participate in Photo A Day - August hosted by FAT MUM SLIM.  I have decided, however, to add a little book-ish spin to each (at least the best I can!) to spice things up a bit.  This also means that I finally signed up for Instagram and have been having fun with a few shots here and there of everyday items.  I have been sharing them via Facebook and Twitter, but here are the direct links to each of the daily photos with my personal commentary:

  1. Outside
  2. One
  3. Coin
  4. Somewhere You Sat
  5. Logo
  6. Writing
If you are interested in following me on Instagram to see my #photoadayaug shots or other complete randomness, you can find me under tiftalksbooks!  Hope to see you there!

How has your book-ish week been going?  Any reads that you have had a hard time putting down?


  1. I'm just going to say wow to your Photo A Day challenge! You go!! I loved the photos on FB. Followed the link. I've been resistant to join any social networks. I signed up for Google+ but soon deleted it. Blogging is about all I can do for now. And the good thing is it seems to be enough.

    1. 365andMe ... Thank you! I'm having fun with it, catching beauty and fun in the little things. It is just what I needed, though I do need to watch getting over-involved in the social networks. I have very limited time on my hands!! :)

  2. This is exactly what's happening with me and my blog right now. :) That's why I had to run a quick giveaway -- so nobody thinks we're gone. But the Olympics are so awesome, right?! I'm having a blast with them.

    1. Kristen M. ... So excited about your giveaway!!! I just clicked over to enter before it is too late! And, I am LOVING the Olympics!!!

    2. Kristen M. ... So excited about your giveaway!!! I just clicked over to enter before it is too late! And, I am LOVING the Olympics!!!

  3. My reading has taken a real hit, too, with the Olympics on. I just can't get enough of them; I'll watch any event. I'll miss them now that they're over but I'll be glad to get back to my time reading every night.

    1. Lisa ... I agree!! I'm trying to get caught up on stuff as I listen to the closing ceremony (obviously not seeing it live)!! And, I'm really excited for Grimm to return tomorrow night (so I guess I can't guarantee a lot of reading time expected tomorrow either)!! :)


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