Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Maunder: August 13, 2012

Wow!  Where did last week go?!?


I finished Blackout by Mira Grant this last week.  That was it, but WOW!  I have absolutely loved this series!  Hopefully, I will have a full review up in the weeks to come so I can share more about what I love about Grant's work!  This week, I am reading more from The Walking Dead series by Robert Kirkman and I really need to start AND finish Uglies by Scott Westerfield.  The latter is my book club pick and we meet on Sunday!


Writing was pathetic and pretty much non-existent.  We will leave it at that for this week!


As usual, life was crazier than usual this week, which contributed to little reading and even less writing.  Not only was it the last of the Olympics, but our little puppy went through her little fixin' surgery, my husband's grandmother passed away, and we attempted to celebrate our anniversary by finally going to The Dark Knight Rises.  Needless to say, I find myself exhausted tonight, both physically and emotionally, and really needing a vacation away from all that has been happening in our lives.  Unfortunately, that will not be happening any time soon, so I will have to pretend through books like I usually do.

For those who are interested, here are the links to this week's pictures for Photo A Day - August:

7.  8 o'clock
8.  Glasses
9.  Messy
10.  Ring
11.  Purple
12.  Spoon
13.  Simple

That's all I got this week!  I'm plan to watch Grimm, read a bit, and go to bed earlier than my usual tonight.  Have a great week!

Tell Me:  What was something positive that happened to you this week?  Any great reads I should check out?


  1. You should take a mini vacation ;) I'm almost finished with 'the school of essential ingredients' a surprisingly good read I found myself tearing up once in awhile.

    1. beauscibooks ... I really should!! I should also check out that book!! :)

  2. OMG! You have a cone-head too. (lol) How precious. And I love-love-love all the photos. Love that you are experimenting in B&W. Do you think that this photo project is taking up all your creative time? (No writing.) The reason I asked is that has been my problem in the past and why I've tried to avoid creative projects other than writing.

    To tell you something good that happened. Well, I'm on a writing schedule and have been sticking with it Mon - Fri if I don't have to leave the house earlier than 7:15. Any earlier and all I can focus on is getting ready. I'm slowly getting other stuff done too. The index journaling has been the reason. I think that's about it.

    Sorry that life has been full of chaos. It's that time of year. :( School is starting, which means a new schedule. We have to say goodbye to summer. *sigh* Not looking forward to the cold, but autumn will be nice.

    1. Amateur Novelist ... I don't find the project too time consuming at all because most of the pictures I take during the day when I'm not writing/reading anyways.

      I loved hearing your something good!!! I still have not gotten back into my writing schedule, but I'm hoping to with the write-a-thon this week. I need it!

      Fall is my favorite time of year here, so I am definitely looking forward to leaving the heat and humidity behind!! :)

  3. Hi Tif,
    Just a quick comment to say I'm no longer active on Blogger (which is why I haven't been commenting on your blog, nor, indeed, on anyone else's blog either)
    Nothing personal! :)
    Goodbye and good luck.

    1. Tracy ... I was just thinking about you yesterday! I wish you the best of luck as well! If you ever return, please be sure to let me know.


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