Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gopher to the Rescue!: A Volcano Recovery Story by Terry Catasus Jennings

Terry Catasus Jennings explores the cycle of a volcanic eruption in her children's book, Gopher to the Rescue!:  A Volcano Recovery Story.  Looking at this natural disaster from a gopher's point of view, the reader discovers the devastation a volcano can cause as well as how the smallest of animals bring life and recovery back to the land.

Many years ago, I walked the mountain and discovered first-hand the destruction of the eruption of Mount St. Helens in Washington State.  I saw the beginnings of life returning, but I never had the understanding of where or how the healing of the land began.  Gopher to the Rescue! has helped me to better understand the rebuilding process and has provided this adult mind a new perspective.  I have yet to share this treasure with my own children, but I look forward to doing it in the near future when my son begins this unit in school.

As usual with books published by Sylvan Dell, readers can expand the story into real life with pages of additional activities as well as a multitude of resources available online.  Pair these with a trip to Mount St. Helens or other local volcanic site and you will have your children exploding with practical knowledge you can't get just anywhere!

Have you personally experienced a volcanic eruption or seen the aftermath?  Please share you experiences.

Thank you to Sylvan Dell Publishing for a complimentary review copy of Gopher to the Rescue!:  A Volcano Recovery Story.


  1. No volcanic eruptions in Indiana, but that is one cool book cover!

    1. Kate W. ... Thank goodness! And, I love the cover too!


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