Thursday, April 19, 2012

An Afternoon in Space with Amy Sklansky

Last month, my family had the opportunity to venture to one of our local bookstores for an afternoon in space! Local author, Amy Sklansky shared poems from her latest release, Out of this World, complete with spaceship cookies and a special guest from the Challenger Space Center.

It was fun to learn about space with my kids sitting on my lap as cute little poems were read, but the excitement really began when Roger, the man in the space suit, shared more information about being in space.  We all enjoyed checking out the sample foods and learning how they prepared their meals, but my kids both agreed that they prefer the cookies!  The kids really enjoyed hearing about the traveling, moving, and sleeping with no gravity.  However, the favorite question of the afternoon for the entire crowd was "How do you go to the bathroom in space?!?"

This family affair was a great example of a community coming together around the love of reading.  By combining the reading with a local educational center, and adding the themed treat, an event was created that will be remembered for years.

Have you experienced a reading that brought a community together in this way?  If so, please share the details!

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