Thursday, February 2, 2012

Walrus Report: Thrity Umrigar and The World We Found

A couple of weeks ago, my scheduled was filled with brilliant author events, but for very different reasons.  The night after listening to Andrea Cremer speak, I returned to the local library to hear Thrity Umrigar, author of the newly released The World We Found.  Umrigar's bold honesty struck such a chord with me that the night has left the wheels in my mind still continuing to turn to this day.  From her advice on writing and sharing her own writing process to discussing culture in general, I sat enthralled and soaking in all the conversation and information.  For my full report, click on over to the Walrus Publishing website.  You will at least want to hear Umrigar's answer to the question, "Do you consider yourself an Indian writer from America or an American writer from India?"

Have you found Umrigar's latest world?  How about her previous novels or memoirs?

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