Friday, February 17, 2012

{RNW} Writing Prompts

It has been a couple of weeks since I last posted Ramblings of a Night Writer {RNW}.  Sadly, in that time, I have not really gotten a lot of writing done.  I am hoping to change that with some time spent over the weekend getting back into the habit.  As I think about the habit of daily writing, I also begin to think that I do not have to be writing on the same thing every single night.  Maybe I will write on this idea that has been prodding me for almost a year.  Maybe I will write a book review or two.  Maybe I will do a bit of journaling or even a bit of free writing.  In these latter ideas, I began to wonder where you all turn for exercising your writing mind and hand.  Do you subscribe to specific writing blogs?  Do you turn to the daily news or events from your own personal day?  Do you begin with one simple word or phrase and just wait to see where that takes you?

I have a couple of blogs that I subscribe to in feed reader or via email that I like to follow.  Sometimes I use the ideas and sometimes I just store them away for possible future use.

  • Tink's Place features a weekly Flash Fiction Challenge, featuring an image or piece of art to get the creative juices flowing.  People can link up and share their own work through this challenge, but I personally love to just store the images that draw me in in some way.  It is also fun to see how people interpret and where they take their stories with the same beginning.
  • Mama's Losing It features a Weekly Writer's Workshop, emailing you a list of possible writing prompts every Tuesday.  You can link up on Thursdays, but once again, I just simply store these, tucked away for a day that I have nothing to write.  Some of the prompts really resonate with me and others do not.
I consider both of these places as cash in my savings account.  When I'm feeling empty, I have no excuse of places to turn to work through that dry spell.  That means ... I have no excuse not to write every single day!

Tell Me:  Do you have resources or places you turn to help you get through the blocks or achieve your daily writing goals?  If so, please share them!  That savings account can never have enough in it!


  1. I must be to blame for your lack of writing...I am distracting you with words!!!

  2. I agree with Patty. Let's blame her. ;)

    Seriously, I don't have your excuse of small kids, an outside job, etc. Still, I find it difficult to accomplish my writing goals. Time isn't my enemy, motivation is. Subscribing to writing blogs does help, but serves more as a reminder to get busy.

    Rah-rah blogs help me more. One that I've fallen in love with is Michael Nobbs, the creator, isn't even a novelist. He's an artist though and I've found inspiration through his struggles.

    There are more, but each is different and not all relate to novel writing.

  3. I keep thinking that I *want* to write, but I somehow never sit down to do it. I did stumble on this blog with writing prompts though. Maybe it will give you some ideas!

  4. Patty ... This could be true! BUT, 365andMe is the one who got me started!! She's just as to blame as you!! :)

    365andMe ... See the above comment!! The blame must be split!! :) I really think motivation is key for me as well. Time is a factor, but if it is really important, I should be making the time, right? I'm better than I was last year, but I still have a long way to go. Definitely going to be checking out the blog you mentioned!

    Introverted Jen ... I think that is the same site that is linked above, but I am going to check it out just to be sure. Thank you!! :)

  5. Yes, but Patty started if all! (lol)


  6. Started "it" all...

  7. 365andMe ... Good point! I will blame her! LOL!! :)


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