Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monday Maunder: February 13, 2012

(Psssst. I'm letting you in on a little secret.  Today is not Monday.  It is Tuesday.  BUT, let's play into my imagination and pretend that it is Monday for just a few minutes while you read this!)


Guess what?!?  I finally finished The Count of Monte Cristo this last week!!!  All 1462 pages of it!!  Please pause a moment while I take a bow and soak up your applause.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  I cannot believe that after more than a year of working on this masterpiece, I finally finished it!  Despite the length, it was an amazing story filled with such intricate details and the final 200 pages were so hard to put down as the story began quickly unraveling.  I cannot wait to write the review for this one, and I promise not to take as long writing it as it took me to read it!

As for my other reads, I am still listening to Wintergirls and reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone with my son.  I also picked up The Accidental Demonslayer by Angie Fox.  I did not start Clockwork Prince as I had hoped, but I sure hope to start that one in a couple of days.  Will you be reading this one with me?


Writing was horrid again this week.  Darn life is getting in the way and I really just need to make it a priority.  Five to ten minutes a day should be easy to fit in, right?!?


I had my first official weigh-in last week, and I reported a loss of 8 pounds!  It was not one of the top losses, but I do believe it to be a permanent change for the good!  When I stepped on the scale again yesterday, I was down yet another pound.  And, all of this loss can be attributed to strictly a change in my diet.  Now to start the exercise routine beyond the random walk.

The other thing that is really soaking up my time these days is an event that I am organizing for my son's school.  It just so happens to be the largest event for the year and I have yet to find myself a co-chair to share the load.  I did this last year, but had help.  I have to pull off what is basically one great big carnival for over 300 children in a little over a month.  Needless to say, I think my reading and writing will be affected until the beginning of March.  It will be a fun-filled night, but you may want to be questioning my sanity until then!

That's it for this {imaginary} Monday!  I will leave you with two messages for the week . . .

Happy Reading 
Happy Valentine's Day!!

What is on your reading agenda this week?  Any big events or adventures on your agenda?


  1. Well done on finishing the book and on your weight loss!

  2. Yes, congratulations on both, tif!
    I'm still reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy - darkly-compulsive - can't take too much of it in one go, but should be finishing it this week.

  3. Congrats on finishing The Count of Monte Cristo! *claps*

    And you lost 8 pounds already? *stands up and cheers* That's amazing!

    You go girl!!!!

  4. Great job on losing so much weight already! And on finishing a true chunkster! I'll admit to being a bit scared of that one even though I officially say that I have no problem with long classics. :)

    I finished Clockwork Prince a day or two ago. I seriously read the last 250 pages in one day. It was SO good. You are really in for a treat. (And I really need to talk about Will/Jem/Tessa with you so hurry up already!)

  5. Marg ... Thank you so much!

    Tracy ... Thank you! I read The Road a few years ago and I believe my description of it was something along the lines of some of the most beautiful writing featuring the most depressing story! I will be curious what you think when you finish!

    Patty ... :)

    Alexia561 ... Thank you, thank you!! :) I've still got a ways to go, but I WILL get there!

    Kristen M. ... I do recommend it overall because it is a very good story! Just be prepared for a true investment!! I really need to get in gear on Clockwork Prince. You've got me really intrigued and I can't wait to chat with you about it!

  6. Adding my congrats too. Weight loss is so hard and you are doing it. Way to go!


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