Friday, January 13, 2012

{RNW}: Ideas & Inspiration

Welcome to another week of {RNW} ... Ramblings of a Night Writer!  Today, I would like to chat ideas and inspiration; in particular, where do your ideas and inspiration come from?  Are you inspired by another wizard of words?  Do you clip newspapers?  Do you collect pictures?  Do you keep an idea journal?

When I originally began exploring writing as a hobby, I really stuck to poetry and most of it was driven from emotion.  I would be angry, depressed, lonely, or moved in some way that words were my way of working through it all.  When I began writing here at Tif Talks Books, I did it to connect to others that would understand my love of books and the written word, but the writing continued to be cathartic for me during some difficult years.  In the past few years, story ideas, characters, and scenes began popping into my mind.  I began writing these ideas down in an idea journal.  These ideas would appear while playing with my children, while brushing my teeth in the morning, or on the ride to work.  I found my one idea journal was not always handy in these situations, so I began placing idea journals in random places around my home and carrying one with me.  I have begun sketching character traits, pasting newspaper clippings, adding pictures, and maybe even adding a few doodles here and there.  My ideas continue to grow.  I have begun connecting some of the ideas, but some still remain separate waiting to be built upon or connected someplace else.  And now, begins the task of actually putting all those ideas into words on a page and ultimately, I finished product ... but that discussion is for another day!

Tell Me:  Where do your ideas and inspiration come from?  Where do you keep them all in check?  Do you have any special tips or tricks behind the ideas and inspiration?


  1. The "Big" idea, the one that inspired what I have been working on for more than 6 months now was inspired by one sentence in a non-fiction book. I can't even remember the exact wording, but basically, it said that Warren G. Harding was absolutely the worst president ever. I feel bad for the guy and think that his image could use a shine and buff, even if it is in fiction!

    Other ideas come randomly like yours. The problem is making myself sit down and really flesh them out.

  2. I've started utilizing Evernote. Having it on my phone, my Nook and my computer allows me to sync between the three. So, when inspiration strikes, I have access to one of the three to use for notes. It really is quite handy!

  3. ... I have the same issue about sitting down to flesh them out! I love your idea for a book, by the way!

    Michelle Shannon ... Is this a Microsoft program? We are looking to get a new computer soon and I may need to look into this!

  4. Tif - I have no idea if it is a Microsoft program. I do know it is an app for both Apple and Android systems.

  5. Michelle Shannon ... Totally going to check this out! Thanks for the recommendation and information!

  6. When an idea comes, I type out a summary or as much as possible. Print it and place it in a three-ring binder. Sadly, I have bunches and bunches of story ideas. That's never been an issue. I get stuck on the second draft. ;)

  7. 365andMe ... That's a good idea and much more organized than myself! I love hearing everyone's ideas! It's helping me find the right way for me!


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