Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fractured Fables by Various Authors

Fractured Fables is a graphic novel featuring a wide array of our most beloved fairy tales, only with a modern spin.  This compilation of 31 tales includes the minds of Ted McKeever, Bill Morrison, Jim Valentino, and on of my recent favorites, Doug TenNapel.  The tales range from spin-offs of classic tales, such as Rumplestilskin, The Little Mermaid, and Alice in Wonderland to different interpretations of the nursery rhymes many of us grew up with like Row, Row, Row Your Boat and Starlight, Starbright.  Illustrations incorporated a full array of color to the simple contrast of black and white.

My personal favorite piece of the compilation was The Secret Princess Society written by Marie Cruz and illustrated by Whilce Portacio.  The tale follows Filipino sisters, Mimi and Meg through the story of The Twelve Dancing Princesses.  For me, it has the right mix of the original classic, modern cultural twist, magic, and positive message for the targeted audience.

As a whole, I found the book enjoyable, particularly for the tale mentioned above; however, there were a number of tales that I simply did not care fore.  With a compilation so diverse, the reader is bound to find a few priceless gems among this chest of tales, but there may also be a few you would prefer to leave behind.  It will all depend on your personal tastes and your preferences in fairy tales.

What do you tend to prefer in fairy tale retellings?

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