Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Maunder: December 5, 2011

I missed my usual Sunday Synopsis post, so today I've decided to change things up with a little Monday Maunder.  What might maunder mean?  According to . . . 
maunder [mawn-der}] 
1.  to talk in a rambling, foolish, or meaningless way. 
2.  to move, go, or act in an aimless, confused manner:  He maundered through life without a single ambition.
As soon as I read this definition, I knew that this is really more of what I do in my weekly Sunday Synopsis post.  I ramble, often in foolish and maybe even meaningless ways.  I talk about my week in reading, writing, and life in general.  Sometimes it makes sense, and sometimes it makes sense to probably only myself.  I have instantly fallen for this word and may even consider moving this weekly post to Monday instead.  Afterall, I think I am maundering, not synopsisizing!  (Yes, I may even make up my own words from time to time!)

As the year is beginning to come to a close, I have really been thinking about what this site will look like in the new year.  The year 2011 has brought some unexpected and very pleasant opportunities my way and I believe another shift in my focus is coming.  I have not yet worked everything out, but this little maunder may be a peek into what is to come.  Then again, maybe not!  I will keep you all posted in the weeks to come and quit my rambling for now!

As for the reading front, I am currently finishing up the book The Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards after seeing her at an event last week.  I actually have an article coming up via the Walrus Report later this week on that event, so be watching for it.  After this, I have a few more graphic novels to tackle from the library (I had to renew a couple!), a number of reviews to write from my completed books, and then I am considering finishing out my year with Maguire's land of Oz.  I have been avoiding the series beyond Wicked because I have simply loved it so much.  I have high expectations and have been worried that they will not live up.  After recently seeing Maguire in person, he has inspired me to return to one of my favorites and finish this series.  The question is . . . Can I do it before the year-end?

Well, enough maundering for the day!  Tell me . . . what words have you discovered lately that have tickled your fancy?  What are you currently reading this week?  Any other exciting news?


  1. Maundering - good word! Can't wait to see what changes you are planning on your blog. I'm afraid mine will be business as usual, but with a couple of new challenges.

  2. What a great word! I love the sound of Monday Mauder! I just finished up a library book and am trying to finish a review copy that just isn't speaking to me.

    Looking forward to seeing what changes you have planned!

  3. Tracy ... I don't think that there will be major changes, but I am definitely reconsidering a few things! Glad you like the word!

    Alexia561 ... I love the sound of Monday Maunder, too! :) It is so hard to read a review book that just isn't speaking to you. Good luck with that!


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