Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Deadline by Mira Grant

Not long ago, I read and reviewed Feed by Mira Grant.  Georgia and Shawn Mason's story has been on my mind and I could not help myself when I requested the sequel, Deadline from my local library.  I simply had to know where life was going next in the zombie apocalypse.

In Deadline, we follow Shawn's adventures, moving from an Irwin (reporting personal encounters with the living dead) to a more administrative role for the website the siblings built during the presidential campaign.  Just when he thinks life is beginning to get back to normal . . . well, as normal as life can get based upon the events at the end of Feed . . .another conspiracy falls into his lap and the team is on the hunt/run once again.  The extent of the conspiracy is completely unexpected for all involved, including the reader!

Deadline is one of those rare sequels that leaves you more satisfied than the first, but yet also leaves you hungering for so much more.  I have marked my calendar for the final installment of the Newsflesh Trilogy, Blackout, set to be released May 2012.  In the meantime, I must get my own copies of these books.  I feel a future re-read coming on!

Are you a fan of the zombie craze?  What other books would you recommend for the zombie fans?

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