Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Blast From The Past: Christopher Pike

Back in the day of the angsty teen and pre-teen years, I was a fan of Christopher Pike.  I read any and every book by the author that I could get my hands on.  I have moved on to other authors in the years following and for a while, forgot about these beloved books.  This last spring, I came across some used copies of Pike's books and immediately picked them up.  I knew it was time to revisit these books from my childhood.  Over the last couple of months, I have read five of Pike's titles.  And now as an adult, here is what I think about them in mini-review form . . .

Gimme A Kiss
Jane Retton wants revenge.  Her diary goes viral at school and life becomes difficult . . . so difficult that she is willing to kill AND die to get even.

Gimme a Kiss was the first Pike I choose to dive into this time around and it did not disappoint.  It kept me wanting more, though it was a bit predictable.

The Last Vampire
Alisa Perne is believed to be the last vampire on Earth, but when she gets a call from private investigator, Mike Riley, she begins to question if she is correct.  Going undercover as a high school student to get to Riley's son, Alisa's life takes an unexpected turn and her enemy returns with an ultimatum.

The Last Vampire was probably my personal favorite of the bunch, maybe because I have a soft spot for the blood-sucking beasts.  The end is a cliff hanger, leaving me the desire to find the sequel.

Master of Murder
Marvin is a senior in high school and holds a secret that would shock his classmates . . . he also is the best-selling author of the books many are talking about.  What he doesn't realize is how much he is incorporating a hometown murder into his series.  When someone figures out the connection, Marvin may end up as the next victim.

Master of Murder is filled with lots of twists and turns, and the end left me with a creepy feeling (but maybe not why one would expect!).

Scavenger Hunt
The senior class is celebrating the upcoming graduation with a scavenger hunt.  The first group to complete the hunt wins a big prize.  Carl Timmons has gotten lucky to end up on the same team as the gorgeous new girl, Cessy.  However, the hunt leads him to more than just the usual hot spots around town, sending him on the hunt for his life.

Scavenger Hunt had so much potential.  I loved the concept.  I even enjoyed the love triangle.  But, the ending fell short of my expectations, ending with a fizzle.

See You Later
Mark has it made.  He just graduated from high school and he writes computer software to earn a modest living.  Then, he meets Becky and falls in love.  The problem is Becky already has a serious boyfriend.  With the help from his new friends, Mark may be able to change that relationship status.  The question is . . . If he does, how will it affect the future for more than just himself?

See You Later was another storyline that I liked.  The characters are easy to connect with, but the ending left me disappointed because of that connection.

Overall, Pike entertained me and did not disappoint.  I look forward to re-visiting more of his teen novels when I'm in the mood for a fun, quick read.  Unfortunately, today I would not rank them as my favorites.  Apparently with age, I have come to desire more.

Have you re-visited beloved authors from your past?  Do they still live up to your memories and expectations?


  1. I absolutely love these. I have such a soft spot for cheese, it's kind of sick. Christopher Pike is still up there for me. They're awesome but in a totally different way from everything else I read.

  2. Donna ... LOL! I love that you "have such a soft spot for cheese!" This comment completely made my day and I'm so glad that I am not alone! Pike doesn't have the same effect on me today, but I will definitely be revisiting his work when I can get my hands on it, if only for the cheese factor! :)


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