Thursday, October 13, 2011

WANTED: Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving Book Recommendations

Well, hello!  It is good to be back!  This past week has brought lots of work, literally!  I've been working every night this week and simply have not had a lot of time for writing.  I am so glad to be at least writing this little post tonight, not only to receive a few recommendations from you, but also to say hello!


Now, on to the recommendations portion of this post!  I am now the woman in charge of doing my parent teacher organization newsletter, and I have decided to start a little section focusing on reading with your child, complete with book recommendations from classics to new releases.  I am very excited about this and cannot wait to begin sharing my love for books!  However, since I am not an expert, I would love your help!  I am currently looking for your personal recommendations for favorite books, featuring Fall, Halloween, and/or Thanksgiving, and focused on the elementary school crowd.

What books would you recommend?  Any favorites for the season?


  1. So many good ones. Boney Legs, The Banshee, Room on the Broom, Winnie the Witch, the Bones of Fred McFee, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Wild Child all come to mind without looking on my shelve of Hallowe'en stories. Yes, I have a shelf devoted to Hallowe'en. :)

  2. The James Howe Bunnicula books were always, and still are, a October favorite of mine. Last Halloween I read A Taste of Red for Readathon, and it was really fun! John Bellairs- The House With The Clock In It's Walls and Peter Abraham's Echo Falls mysteries are also great reads.

  3. West Virginia Red ... Wow! I need to check these out! I don't think I've read even one!! Thank you!!

    Kate@Midnight Book Girl ... I am starting to read Bunnicula with my son tomorrow!! I am so excited to revisit this one with him!! I haven't heard of the others. Can't wait to check them out! Thank you!!


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