Monday, September 12, 2011

Words and Peace: A Great Combination!

As part of Day 2 for Book Blogger Appreciation Week, we get to participate in one of my favorite parts of the entire week ... blogger interviews!  We each are randomly assigned to another book blogger and we get to ask each other questions to our heart's consent!  I always end up discovering a new favorite blog along the way and this year there is no exception!  

Allow me to introduce you to Emma of Words and Peace . . .  


Emma and I decided to spice things up a bit and created an interview trail.  Before you can read what is written below, you must 

Waiting . . .

Waiting . . .

Waiting . . .

And now, the reading may commence . . .

EMMA: that's a good one! Maybe in a medieval abbey, in the room called the scriptorium, where the monks/nuns would spend hours copying books! You must now think you got to interview the most nut case of all book bloggers, LOL! I still have myself a dozen of notebooks where I use to write down tons of excerpts I liked in my readings.

By the way, I used also to refuse totally to read ebooks, not even considering them as real books! Then I discovered how convenient it is to have some ebooks on hand, even though my husband and I still have enormous piles of books checked out at our fantastic public library. I rarely buy books, mostly for economic reasons. Wow, with 2 children, how do you manage to read and blog so much? (I married very late and have no kids, and I always marvel at what people manage to do with their time, even with children to take care.) Do you have a favorite time in the day for reading?

TIF: Reading with kids has always been easy for me because I really can read anytime or anywhere! When my oldest was born, I started reading my books out loud to him and have continued this tradition until this very day.  I did the same thing with my 2nd, and thankfully, we all fit in reading time almost every single day.  When I returned to work full-time more than two years ago, I actually found it harder to work and read then have kids and read or blog, if that makes any sense!  Now I find myself staying up way too late to read and write, and find that mornings have become more and more an enemy over the years!By the way, I do not find you to be a nut case at all!  That's what I love most about this community is that I find more and more people that are just like me!!  :)What do you enjoy outside of reading and blogging?  Do you have any other interesting hobbies or random facts to share about yourself?

EMMA: funny, I was going to ask you that question! Even though I don't have any children, I am actually also very busy, and end up reading only after 7:00 pm, up to.... midnight or more, same problem here, LOL! [We don't have TV, so we spend most of our evenings reading, or do watch occasional movies from our library]. So what do I do? I have a part-time job as Computer Assistant in my public...LIBRARY! Heaven on earth! I help people who come to use our numerous computers for free, it can be: how to change my Facebook profile picture, how to buy an airline ticket online, etc etc, really fun job. I am French, (and former English teacher in France), so every morning I also give French online classes, using Skype. It's great, I have students from all over the world. I have been also an English-French translator for over 20 years. Right now, I'm translating a new chapter to a book I had to translate last year, and I'm supposed to receive a 400 page book to translate. And last but not least, I'm a rockpainter, meaning I paint, but almost exclusively on rocks. It's fun, I sell them online and at art/craft shows. But I can only paint in the morning, in between classes. Right now I have a commission: I'm painting a beautiful collie dog, it's a memorial rock. Can I advertise here?? Here is my website: http://rocksbyemmanuelle.comApart from all that, I love hiking and birding a lot. And oh, I'm totally addicted to Words With friends!!Well now you know everything about me. may I ask you the same question?

TIF: Wow!!  You definitely stay busy!  I am so impressed, especially with the detail on your rock art!!  My days tend to be pretty jam-packed these days as well!  Besides my two young children (6 & 3) and being their chauffeur for all their activities, I also work full-time as an Academic Advisor at a local University, teach a freshmen transition class, and I just recently took on a freelance writing position for the Walrus Publishing website.  When I have the chance, I enjoy doing a variety of philanthropy projects and LOVE to attend local author events and visit my local independent bookstores and libraries.

I have had such a great time chatting with Emma this past week and hope that you have enjoyed our little interview. I really think that we could have just kept on going, but for the sake of YOU, dear reader, we decided to stop our interview right there. Now, just in case you missed it . . .

Emma writes at Words and Peace. Click it. You know you want to!


  1. Tif, I guess I didn't realize our kids our the same age! I took a look at Emma's rock art. Magnifique!

  2. I've been reading Emma's blog now for a few months, so it was really fun to read this back and forth between you guys and learn a bit more about you both. And very clever how you so carefully coordinated your posts: one to end with a question, and the other with all that waiting...!

  3. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this back-and-forth interview!! I really felt like I was listening to you to talk. I am quite impressed with both of you, and your accomplishments, right now!

  4. Brimful Curiousities ... Really?!? I don't think I realized that our kids were the same age either! Love it!

    Erin ... I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Emma and I had a lot of fun with it ourselves! :)

    Michelle ... Why, thank you! It was so fun to learn more about Emma and her many talents!


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