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Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II

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Harry Potter is one of my all-time favorite books and definitely my favorite series.  However, I learned many movie releases ago that I need to separate the film from my favorite series.  They are two different entities, one that tends to be loosely based on the works of Rowling.

I went into this final film with this exact same mentality a couple of weeks ago.  Don't get me wrong though . . . I still had expectations and they were set pretty high.  I was satisfied with Part I of Deathly Hallows and I really wanted the final installment to be done "right."

Did I feel that it was done "right?"  Yes and no.  Let's start with the latter . . .

  • I was disappointed that some of the characters did not get the face time they deserved.  For example, Lupin and Tonks and their unmentioned son, who just so happens to be Harry's Godson.
  • Details were left out, leaving many who have not read the books unable to understand the ending to the fullest extent.  I discovered this after speaking with my husband and several co-workers.  They simply didn't get what happened at the end and why.
  • Did anyone else notice that a portion of the previews were NOT in the movie?  If you don't know which scene I'm talking about, let me refresh your memory . . . Voldemort:  "Why won't you die?"  Harry:  "Because I have something worth living for."  (Disclaimer:  This may not be verbatim.)

However, there were a multitude of things that I did enjoy.  Here are just a few highlights . . . 
  • The battle scenes were truly brilliant!  As horrible as this sounds, I did not want them to end!  I guess I will be anxiously awaiting the DVD release to watch them again!
  • The scene I was anticipating the most between Mrs. Weasley and Bellatrix did not disappoint!
  • When looking at the evolution through the movies, I am so impressed at not only how much the young actors grew up, but also how much they grew in talent.  It will be hard to view them as more than Harry, Ron, and Hermoine, but I do look forward to seeing where they will go from here.

All in all, I truly loved the final chapter.  It left me with a mix of emotions . . . satisfaction, triumph, hope, and sadness.  I am sad to see it come to an end, but I am excited to watch my children get to experience it for the first time, both the books and the movies.  And, I'm excited to get my hands on the DVD release to see if maybe this is not quite the end.  There will be extra scenes, right?!?

Were you left with mixed emotions as well?  Were you left with positive or negative thoughts overall?


  1. I enjoyed this movie, including all of the changes. I thought the movie ending made as much sense as the book ending (but it's so long since I read the book that I've forgotten many of the details).

    The one movie which really, really makes no sense is GoF. My partner, who has never read the book, couldn't figure out what was going on in the scene with Crouch's death, unsurprisingly.

  2. I think it must have been hard to make movies that did the books justice .. there is just SO MUCH in all the books. But it seems like they did a pretty good job. I must confess, though, that I haven't watched but one of the movies -- I just wanted to keep the book experience pure if you know what I mean. Now that they are done though, I may start checking them out.

  3. I'm the same as you. I just decided to separate the books and films very early on and think of them as related but not the same. Because of this, I wasn't very picky at all (either time I saw this film) but I definitely noticed some of the things you did -- especially the Lupin & Tonks stuff. Seriously, though, I could just keep going to the film over and over. I can't wait for it to be on DVD!

  4. Tracy ... I have heard the most complaints about Goblet of Fire! That is where many people who just watch the movies really got lost I think.

    Jenners ... I completely agree! I really have only one movie that I can think of off the top of my head that I liked better than the book. Some details just need to be visualized and imagined individually! I'm curious though ... what is the one movie that you have seen?

    Kristen M. ... If I could, I would definitely go back to the theater for this one at least one more time, if not more! Unfortunately, that will not work this time! Soooo, I have to very impatiently await the DVD release! :)


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