Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Independent Bookstore Cruise Part II

Yesterday, I shared with you The Independent Bookstore Cruise Part I, outlining the morning of book-ish awesomeness.  Today in Part II, I return with details of the cruise afternoon!

After having the wonderful literary luncheon, the crew loaded back up in the bus to leave the Central West End and head to University City for the next indie bookstore on the tour, Subterranean Books.   We were greeted once again by friendly faces and had the opportunity to visit with even more local authors.  Unfortunately, this is the one shop that I missed out on!  I don't even remember what the heck I was doing . . . probably browsing the books . . . but I never had the opportunity to meet these authors and this is the one store that I left empty-handed.  (Correction:  I again left with some SWAG, but did not purchase any books to add to my collection.)  I later found out that a number of the participants actually walked down the street to a comic book store.  Considering that I did not get to fully experience this indie and I missed out on some comics, I am debating a visit to this neighborhood again in the near future.

Angie Fox, Eileen Dreyer, Susan McBride
signing books at Main Street Books.
Last, but definitely not least, we then hit the bus again for a trip to the city of St. Charles.  Found on brick streets in the heart of downtown and only blocks from the river, we pulled up to our last visit of the day, Main Street Books.  Weeks before, I had met the owner of this adorable shop, but I had no idea that when I would walk through the door of her shop that she would recognize me!  It was such a pleasure to have a personal greeting from one brief meeting, and I immediately felt at home as soon as I walked through the door.  This little indie won my heart with its adorable children's section and the homey feel, complete with a staircase to another floor of books.  As I took a few moments to just walk down the streets, I knew that my family would fall in love with this little city and I knew that I would return.  I can even visualize my kids and their excitement as they see the area suited so perfectly for them!  I also could not leave out the opportunity to meet three additional local authors, Angie Fox, Susan McBride, and Eileen Dreyer.  I again walked away with a handful of signed books, and an adorable bookmark featuring the indie itself!

I could not believe the day was already over!  The time flew by and before I knew it, I was back on the bus chatting away with those sitting next me about the day, about authors we love, about books we love, and so much more.  I walked away feeling like a pirate who just walked away with a chest full of gold dubloons!  My arms were filled with books and more books, both complimentary and those that I purchased on my own.  And, most importantly, I walked away knowing that I had so many amazing indies within reach, to discover more new-to-me authors, help re-acquaint me with some old favorites, and simply provide me with a place to go where I can get lost so easily within the pages surrounding me.

The St. Louis Independent Bookstore Alliance is planning another cruise for sometime this fall.  This time I will not hesitate in getting my ticket!  There is no way that I would miss out on another day if it is anything like this one!  Afterall, how could I pass up treasures like these . . .

The FREE SWAG from throughout day!  

My "used" treasures that I couldn't live without from Left Bank Books.

All my signed books from the day!

During the afternoon, you can tell that I did not do so well in taking pictures.  I was simply too involved in having some book-ish fun.  If you like the St. Louis Independent Bookstore Alliance on Facebook, however, you can find more pictures in an album completely devoted to the cruise.  You may even catch me in a few of the shots!


  1. This event sounds like a dream! I'm so glad you got to participate ..and I hope it is something that gets repeated next year!

  2. Sounds like an incredible time! So glad you were able to find a last minute seat!

  3. Jenners ... It was!!! I'm really hoping for another event, too!

    Alexia561 ... Me too! I really lucked out! Or, maybe it was just meant to be?!? :)

  4. The next one is Oct 22nd. Enjoyed your blog on the event. I attended as well. Hope to meet you at the next one!

  5. Angelic ... I just heard about the new date and am sooooo excited! I am going to try to make it and get my ticket ASAP, like I almost did last time! Looking forward to meeting you!


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