Thursday, July 28, 2011

Author Sighting: Rebecca Rasmussen

This past spring, I just kept seeing praise for an upcoming book from a debut author.  Over and over and over again, I was seeing fellow bloggers and Twitter friends recommend this book.  And, I was reading all this praise about how sweet and amazing the author was.  With all this chatter, I began investigating this book a bit more.  Who knew through my research that I would discover that this little acclaimed novel was actually local to me?!?  And, I discovered all this just in time, for she was visiting one of the local libraries and I was able to make the event!

The book that I am speaking of is The Bird Sisters and the author is Rebecca Rasmussen.  I had the great pleasure to meet her and learn more about her debut back in April during a very intimate author event.  After another long day at work, I was so thankful to be able to head to the library for the evening.  I really had no idea what to expect.  I didn't know if it was going to be a reading or a Q&A or something completely different.  I didn't really care!  I simply was excited to meet Rasmussen and hear more about her story.

While I was awaiting for her arrival, I decided to purchase a copy of her book and began to browse it a bit more.  The summary itself sounded interesting, but once she arrived and began talking about her inspiration for her story, my interest turned to intrigue and I knew that I had to read this book!  When Rasmussen's grandmother passed away years ago, the family discovered forty secret journals.  Being the one to care for them, Rasmussen found herself reading through them, creating that spark that would soon become The Bird Sisters.

Rebecca signing my book!
Only weeks before attending this event, one of my own grandparents had passed away.  Rasmussen's chat stirred my recent raw emotions and struck a chord with me.  She had established a connection even after her grandmother's passing; one that will live on forever in the form of published work.  She took this family treasure and turned it into a treasure for so many more!  To put it simply ... I was impressed!  However, I did admit to her that I would not be able to read the book in the near future because of my recent loss.  It still sits on my shelf, right next to my bed.  I know that I will get to it before the end of the year, but for now, I just let the beautiful cover make me smile.  And, I let her words from this night inspire me!

What exactly left me inspired?!?  Here are just a few things that are imprinted into my memory from that night . . .

Tif & Rebecca
(Rebecca looks great, but I think you
can tell that I had a long day at work!)
You can take something as simple as a journal and make your dreams come true.

Though I do not have the exact quote, Rasmussen shared that she does not believe her characters to be evil.  Rather, she sees them as unfortunate life partners.  (I will be keeping this in mind when I read the book!)

Lastly, she shared the concept of relationship-shifting regarding her characters.  In my understanding, she felt that characters molded themselves to be more like each other over the years.  Though I have seen this happen in real life, the way she described it was so . . . perfect!  I have found myself wondering how I have shifted in my relationships!

All in all, it was a fabulous night and one that I will remember for a very long time!  It's not often that when you leave an author event, you feel that you have just left with one more friend!

For more information on Rebecca Rasmussen, be sure to check out her website!


  1. I feel like I have been waiting forever for this book to come out here, and still no sightings! I know I want to read it though.

  2. Oh Tif -- it was SOOOOO awesome to meet you that night! Thank you for such a lovely write up! XOXOX

  3. Marg ... I hope you get it soon! I am so very excited to read this one!

    Rebecca Rasmussen ... You are so welcome!! It was SUCH a pleasure to meet you as well! :)


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