Friday, May 20, 2011

Vote for the Tales to Tomes June Selection!

With the chaos of the week, I have discovered that I forgot to post the list of books for our next possible Tales to Tomes read!  Oops!  No need to stretch it out any longer.  Group members have spoken and you can find the current list of choices (with links to Google Books descriptions) listed below:

Special Note: I was going to narrow these titles down a bit, but I am going to use your votes to narrow it down for future votes. If you wish to ensure that a title makes it into future votes, please be sure to list it in the second question on the form below.

Deadline: Sunday, May 29th
Announcement: Monday, May 30th


  1. So hard to choose this time! I wonder what it will be.

  2. Voted! So many good books to choose from, will be curious to see which one wins!

  3. Kristen M. ... It's a close vote so far, so I'm really curious too! I can't even decide which one I want to go with! So many great options!

    Alexia561 ... Sooooo many good books this time around!


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