Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Synopsis: May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I know that the greeting is a bit late considering I'm getting this thing posted only minutes away from Monday (at least on my time), but I just wanted to share my thoughts with all my fellow moms out there!

Now, on to the week in review . . . I had a bit of time off this past week, so instead of doing much writing here, I ended up spending some great (and much needed!) time with my husband and kids!  I also had a great book-ish week and cannot wait to share all of it with you via posts over the next couple of weeks!  In fact, here are a few highlights . . .

I have accumulated a number of books over the last couple of weeks, from contest winnings to Scholastic Book Fairs and much more!

I actually volunteered at my son's Scholastic Book Fair on one of my vacation days!  I had a blast seeing what the kids were buying and I even got a little bonus insight as my son's class had their library visit while I was there!  It was so much fun!!!

The biggest highlight of the week was yesterday . . . a bus cruise visiting local independent bookstores in my surrounding area!  I'm talking eight packed hours of book talk, surrounded by book lovers, author signings, and even a lunch, where I sat with the brain behind a new publishing company!  I came home with a stack of signed books and a ton of swag, filling two tote bags full!  And, most importantly, I found some true jewels that I will be returning to in the future!  Nothing beats supporting local indie bookstores!!

Now, I am staying up way too late and dreading the return to work tomorrow.  I had such a great time with my family with shopping trips, a trip to the movies with my hubby (we saw Thor!), a concert featuring my son, a picnic with my daughter, and finishing up with a family trip to the zoo!  I didn't get near enough done on the projects around the house, but I do not regret it!  I had some really precious time with the most important things in life!  I will be reminding myself of this all week long as I sit in my office and prepare for the onslaught of finals week and new student orientations!

How was your week?  Have I missed any big news during my absence this week?


  1. Hope you had an enjoyable Mothers Day (ours is in March) - and the 'book tour' sounded like fun - a whole stack of signed books! I'm jealous!

  2. That bus tour sounds awesome!

  3. Tracy ... I did have a wonderful Mother's Day! Thank you! I had hope the same for you, despite being two months late!! :) The bus tour completely made my entire weekend combined with some great family time!

    carolsnotebook ... It was so awesome!! :)

  4. Sounds like a fun and busy week.

    Found your name on the BEA Armchair list and wanted to stop by.


  5. Elizabeth ... So glad you stopped by! I'm really looking forward to Armchair BEA and stopping by your site!

  6. Tracy & carolsnotebook ... I thought I had responded to your comments earlier, but with blogger being down, they were lost! Book tour was a blast and Happy Mother's Day to you both (though it is VERY belated for Tracy!)!

  7. No worries - the gremlins got one of my comments as well!

  8. I've never heard of anything like that bus tour but it sounds so fun! Maybe I need to schedule a personal visit to some local indies that I haven't gotten into yet.

  9. Tracy ... I've been wondering about these google gremlins! Glad to know that I'm not alone!

    Kristen M. ... The tour was so much fun and I even got to meet some local authors! They are going to do it again in the Fall with a new set of indies and I hope I get to go again!


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