Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tales to Tomes Online Book Club: Choose Our May Read!

I am late in getting our next vote posted for Tales to Tomes this month as well!  Instead of gathering books, I am using those books that have received the most votes during the last couple months as our choices for May.  Deadline is Sunday, May 1st.  The chosen book will be announced on Monday, May 2nd.  If you have additional recommendations or wish to see any of these remain on the list for future votes, please be sure to post them in the comment section this month to be voted on for future selections!




  1. Not sure I'll have time to join in, so I'll see what everyone else votes for.

  2. Tracy ... Sounds great to me! Don't forget to share any ideas you have for future books! I'm starting from a new list this time around!

  3. I think I've voted for the same book every month since this began...lol.

  4. 365andMe . . . Which book did you vote for? There is a number of votes for one book and another one with only one vote at this time. If the book you voted for doesn't get chosen, then maybe we can do a read-a-long on the side? I don't think any of these books will take too long to read.


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