Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Synopsis: April 24, 2011

I really don't have much to say this week!  What I do have to say will be completely random, so let's just go with it . . .

In case you have missed it, I am one of the original founders of Armchair BEA and am working on it again this year, but in the capacity of the giveaway and sponsor chair.  Most of my nightly work this past week has been on confirming sponsors for this event, preparing posts, and organizing for the upcoming event.  It has been so much fun and I can definitely tell you that there are some amazing giveaways coming your way thanks to the generous sponsors!

This last week, I also had the opportunity to attend an author event, featuring Ridley Pearson.  I have some pictures, but have not downloaded them yet.  I hope to have a separate post dedicated to my experience.  In short, it was humorous and just what I needed!

I have high hopes for more upcoming author events in my area, including one jam-packed day with local independent bookstores as well as authors in a couple of weeks.  I thought I had missed out on this event because I didn't get my ticket in time, but I received good news this week that I now have my seat reserved!!

I finished reading Incarceron by Catherine Fisher this weekend and started reading Sapphique.  I think the second is going to be a quick read.  I really want to know what happens!

We have had a number of storms hitting our area this past week again.  Every time I hear those tornado sirens go off, I remember how much I used to love spring until I moved to the Midwest!

If you are up for a fun read, you need to check out Cayla Kluver's Celebrity Saturday, featuring the one and only Easter Bunny!  I reviewed Cayla's book Legacy a couple of years ago and she did a guest post as well.  Her book is being re-released via Harlequin Teen, with new beautiful cover art.  I'm really thinking I need to get the newest version for a re-read!  (Yes, I have a copy of the old version, but the newest art is so much fun!)

Last, but not least, I hope that you have had a wonderful Easter holiday weekend.  I head back to work tomorrow, but I'm really wishing that I had one more day to read!

How has your week been?  Anything you are looking forward to this week?


  1. Sounds like you've had a busy time.

    Tornadoes! Take care! I'm so glad we don't usually get those over here.

  2. Sounds like you've been busy. It has been a stormy Spring. Hope you get a break soon.

  3. Tracy ... And, I can't wait until I am no longer in tornado alley! :)

    carolsnotebook ... It has been a stormy spring and I'm hoping for a break too! I hope you are having good weather in your neighborhood!


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