Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

A while back, my readers voted that I read The Millenium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson. The stars were aligned because around the same time, my book group selected to read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. What could I do but to read this much anticipated series? (Sadly, it has taken me so long to get this review posted, despite it being written long hand for months!)

There has been so much talk about Dragon Tattoo, that from page one I was expecting utter brilliance.  Unfortunately, I did not find it.  I stuck with the book and by about the fourth chapter, the story began to get exciting.  Of course, this is also approximately where Lisbeth Salander was introduced.  Once she became a part of the story, I became hooked, wanting to discover more about her.  She is a true enigma that leaves the reader wanting more . . . wanting to solve the puzzle and figure out the secrets that are so deeply hidden.

Larsson not only intrigues his readers with a unique character in a great mystery, but he brings in true statistics from an issue plaguing his home country -- sexual crimes.  The numbers are truly staggering and adds a whole different dimension to this bestseller . . . it brings the issue to the forefront, right in the spotlight to be fought in the public eye.

All in all, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is a book that left me wanting to discover more about Lisbeth (the true main character of this novel), but also interested in knowing more about a social justice issue that is usually avoided.  It is a hard topic to breach, but I believe Larsson successfully brought it out in the open and got many people around the world thinking about the topic . . . the first step in working towards a solution.

If you have read Larsson's books, what thoughts would you share with potential readers?

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  1. Exactly... The first 80 pages oe so were tedious, but then it takes off. I think there is still some dry plot exposition in the next two books, but it is better (more evenly) distributed.

    If you continue on with Played with Fire, make sure you have Hornet's Nest nearby because the resolution of book 2 is tenuous at best!

  2. My sister and brother in law saw the movies of this series and have practically been demanding I read the books. I guess I should try them if you say they're good.

  3. Lisbeth makes the entire book. Without her it is just like every other crime novel. But she is such an intriguing character and you never know what will happen next with her. She makes the whole series. I am glad you finally read this one!

  4. Jenn . . . I actually have read the rest of the series already and will be hopefully be posting reviews next week! I definitely agree about Book 2!!

    Jenny . . . I do like them, but be warned that there is some graphic scenes. I've seen the first movie, and it sticks pretty close to the books. There are a few details that are left out that annoy me though!

    Rebecca :) . . . Totally agree!! She is one of the best characters I've read in a while!

  5. Lisbeth makes the book, I agree. She is a kick-*** heroine and it's great that she carries the series. I'm glad you stuck with it!

  6. You know my thoughts on this book - I really didn't like it. Yes, Lisbeth is an intriguing character, and yes it does highlight rape and sexual violence - but since most thrillers seem to feature sexual violence of some kind, I wasn't impressed just because the author threw some real-life statistics around.

  7. Peaceful Reader ... I did stick with it and really enjoyed it! I'm hoping to have the rest of the reviews posted soon.

    Tracy ... I honestly have not read that many thrillers that feature sexual violence. Maybe that is why I liked these books as it was different for me?!? Just a thought! :)

  8. Glad you stuck with it. I loved this story. Yea it was slow.. Lots have said that to huh? But to me I got to know the characters a great deal more..

    Have you read the second one yet? Gosh I flew threw that one to. nd now I'm dying to get 3.


  9. Tiptress ... I have read the entire series now! I think it only gets better, though I think the 2nd is my personal favorite! Hoping to have the remaining reviews up soon!


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