Thursday, March 17, 2011

SAS-SAF: Jumping Into A Literary World

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Though I am late in responding to the Writing @ Reading prompts for Share a Story, Shape a Future, I am still going to share my responses because the questions posed are just so much fun!  Afterall, how could I not write about this next question from Day 3?!?

If you could jump inside one book and live in that world, what book would it be?  Why?

Hands down the literary world that I would jump into is the world created by J.K. Rowling in her Harry Potter books!  Who wouldn't want to be able to simply give a wave of a wand with a simple command such as "Accio" to retrieve an item?  Who wouldn't want to be able to see moving pictures, even after losing a loved one?  Who wouldn't want chocolate frogs that may come alive at any moment?  And, who wouldn't want to go to school in a magical castle with a cafeteria ceiling that reflected the weather?

It is really no surprise that Harry Potter was my go-to answer for this question.  I have re-read these books so many times that I have lost track of the exact count.  Whereas some people have comfort foods that they may revert to in times of stress, I have my comfort reads . . . and Harry Potter is at the top of this list.  In fact, with the amount of stress that I have been experiencing lately, I am tempted to pick up the books once again even though I just re-read each and every one less than a year ago!

It really doesn't take much to jump in.  All I have to do to get lost is open up the first page and read all about The Boy Who Lived.


  1. I agree Tif - I think you should post them!

    The first six HP books are reasonably light (though book 4 I never liked) but the final book I just found to be pretty grim. (But maybe that's me). Book 3 is good, probably the best one.

    My comfort reading is anything by Jane Austen or non-fiction, especially travel. Like a young Jane Eyre, to escape I just have to read about other countries.

  2. Great description of the Harry Potter books - I'm actually finally reading the series for the first time right now!!
    Just wanted to let you know that I added your blog to my blogroll - I used to blog at (The Curious Reader), but now I'm at

  3. Tracy . . . I actually think I like the third HP book the best and the final is definitely grim, though it is still an addicting read! I have not read much Jane Austen, but hope to read more at some point.

    Jessica . . . I cannot wait to hear what you think on your first read!!! I love them more and more when I re-read them, but to read them for the first time . . . gotta say I'm a bit jealous!! :) I used to follow your old blog, so I will definitely be checking into the new one! Thanks for the update!


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