Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday Synopsis: December 26, 2010

Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings from Tif Talks Books!

It is so hard to believe that Christmas has already come and gone, and we are now approaching the new year.  For me, that means rolling over everything for 2011 and preparing for my son's birthday!  This is a crazy time of year for all of us, and that craziness lasts into the first couple weeks of January for me.  All I've got to say is that I'm so thankful that Bloggiesta is taking place a bit later this time!  I've got a long list of things to do and I am so excited to have the opportunity to participate more fully this year!

However, before I start looking forward, I wanted to take a few minutes to look back at 2010.  It has been a chaotic year where I believe I have finally gotten used to returning to work full-time, but have also discovered that I need to be cutting back and re-evaluating my priorities.  I had a hard-time saying no this past year and I believe that it got me in over my head a multitude of times.  Thankfully, these final days of the year, I have time to sit down, relax, read, write, and make my goals for the year to come.  Since I am still working these out, I am not going to share these here quite yet, but they will be coming in the near future.

I did not get our favorite Christmas classics posted this last week.  I guess I will save those for next year!  What I do have planned in its place though is a feature four days this week sharing what each of us received for book-ish gifts this holiday season.  I will also be posting a list of challenges that I will be participating in this next year, and an announcement of what is to come . . . those things that are changing and those that are staying.  I am so excited to have the time to write on this site, that I'm even hoping to do a little scheduling of posts.  I have a multitude of posts written . . . just old school in my variety of notebooks!  (And, you can probably guess that my goals may just have something to do with this!)

In the meantime, I want to hear if you received any book-ish gifts?  Have you enjoyed your holidays, no matter what it is you celebrate?  Are you thinking about your 2011 goals?  Let me know!


  1. I posted earlier today about the huge fun book stack we got for Christmas! Love it! And my goals for next year... simplify! :) Hopefully I get to a post soon about my favorites of the year and a year by the numbers list too. So fun to do that.

    Happy Holidays to you!

  2. My husband gave me a book; How to Buy a Love of Reading by Tanya Egan Gibson. I'm looking forward to reading it as well as the many other stacks surrounding me. I have goals for this year as well and I can't wait to read yours. Happy Holidays!

  3. Happy Holidays! Good luck with the busy New Year - I don't have much going on, but I am working about 20 extra hours of overtime this week - gotta pay off those holiday bills somehow!

    Also, yes! I got some great gifts -books and otherwise- this year. I was so excited, and I posted about it (with pictures) so take a look if you're interested... I don't want to write out all the books again. haha

  4. It seems like I have the same goats every year. Oh, well. New year, new start.

  5. A belated Merry Christmas to you!

    Would you believe it, I didn't get a single book related gift?!?!? I did however pass on a lot of great books that I have already read to my stepdaughter....that means more room on my shelves! Woot!

  6. Thought about and written down. Mine are simple. Complete writing challenges, complete writing course, and do something in the way of exercise daily.

  7. Suey . . . I'm catching up on my Reader today and cannot wait to read about your loot and your upcoming numbers! I love those posts!

    Peaceful Reader . . . I can't wait to hear your goals and your reviews of your stacks! Nothing beats the start of a new year with new goals!

    Adam . . . Wow!! You are busy!! Like I said to Suey above, I'm catching up on my Reader today and your's is in there! I will be commenting shortly on your loot!

    carolsnotebook . . . That is true! Goals seem to be the same, but it is a fresh start with a new year! Almost like a blank slate on January 1st! . . . Oh no!!!! Now what are you going to do to get those shelves filled again?!?

    365andMe . . . Exercise and writing are on my list too!! I really need to re-prioritize this next year!


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