Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Synopsis: December 12, 2010

Time again for the Sunday Synopsis!  Not a lot to report this week on the blog front . . . it has simply been slow, but I have been working on a few behind-the-scenes projects.  I did get a few reviews written, but still need to get them typed up and posted.  I am also in the midst of planning a challenge or two for 2011, and trying to decide which challenges to join for the upcoming year.  I signed up for a number of challenges this year and unfortunately, will not complete a number of them.  I am really looking for ones that will be much more feasible and realistic for me.  I desperately need to decrease my TBR pile this year!

For those who participate in Fairy Tale Fridays, you may have noticed in this last week's FTF:  The Snowman, that the middle of January brings the wrap-up post for the feature.  I have had a great time reading and re-visiting fairy tales, but still have not had my fill!  I am going to be continuing with fairy tales in 2011, but in a different format.  As soon as I have all the wrinkles worked out and my new button designed, I will be posting more details.  Be watching for it!

I hope that you all have a great week!  I am not really looking forward to this week because I have to chat with my son's teacher first thing in the morning . . . so we will see how it starts off for me!  Wish me luck!!

What challenges are you planning on participating in during 2011?  


  1. I'm relatively new to book blogging, so I've never participated in official challenges before, this year I set my own two challenges (read more Shakespeare and read more poetry - but I didn't set any specific targets). Next year I'm aiming to reduce my TBR pile and to borrow more books from the library, so I'll see if there's a relevant official challenge and join in, otherwise I'll go my own way :)

  2. Tracy . . . That's what I'm trying to decide right now . . . join a challenge or set my own goals. I've seen a few out there that I'm interested in, but I think I'm going to start my own for one goal I have in particular!


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