Friday, October 8, 2010

Fairy Tale Fridays: The Invisible One and The Rough-Faced Girl

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This week I decided to take a step back to the cultural tales because I came across this Native American tale that I could not help but share and discuss thanks to bitsy at Fabula:  A Book Blog!  This week's selection is The Invisible One and The Rough-Faced Girl.  If you have not yet read this one, I recommend that you click on over and read the tale for yourself!

The week's tale is one of my favorite thus far!  It is almost a take off of Cinderella, but instead of finding the shoe that fits, we are looking for the individual with sight!  The Invisible One is "a might hunter, whose Spirit Guide was Ti'am, the Moose."  As his name implies, he is invisible to all but his sister and one lucky girl that can truly see him.  The lucky girl just so happens to be The Rough-Faced Girl, so named because her cruel elder sister would burn her with hot coals.  One day, The Rough-Faced Girl decided to try her luck at seeing The Invisible One.  She hesitated at first, but then her vision became clear and she saw the great one.  The sister of The Invisible One took her home and cleaned her up, in which her beauty was released and she became a truly lovely bride.
Like her husband, she too had kept herself hidden, waiting for the right person to find her, and now that she had that person's love, she was hidden no more.

Isn't that ending better than "happily ever after"?  I just thought that it was so sweet and I absolutely loved the message that it provides!  We all have those individuals that can see our true beauty . . . sometimes it is not immediately seen and sometimes it is hidden, but in a loved one's eyes, that beauty is better than any other's!

What are your thoughts of The Invisible One and The Rough-Faced Girl this week?

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  1. The versions we read were slightly different this week.

  2. I need to get back into your fairy tale Fridays. I haven't read this one but I love The Rough-Faced Girl by Rafe Martin-same basic tale, seems deeper somehow than your average fairy tale!

  3. I really enjoyed this tale and hadn't read it before! Thanks for introducing me to it!

    (Also, my word verification word is "reads" - how appropriate!)

  4. carolsnotebook . . . I'm heading over in a few to actually check out what the differences may be!

    Peaceful Reader . . . I agree!! It does seem deeper and there is much to learn from it! I'm really curious about Martin's version! Gotta add this one to my list too! And, we would love to have you back!! :)

    lisa :) . . . You're welcome!! I love discovering new tales and am thankful that bitsy shared this one with me! And, it is a bit ironic that your word verification was "reads"!!! :)


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