Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WISH LIST: The Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

The Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

Description (Google Books):  The Tao Te Ching is universally renowned as a sublimely poetic spiritual teaching by the legendary sage, Lao Tzu.  Its easily assimilated aphorisms provide a continuous source of spiritual nourishment, its insights on statesmanship are practical guides for our own time, and, in the West, the Taoist systems of the I Ching, Tai Chi, Qui Gong, and Feng Shui are becoming increasingly popular. Ralph Alan Dale’s brilliant translation uniquely captures, as never before, the essential meaning of this profound text.

Recommended by:  Rebecca of Lost in Books

Special Notes:  I am interested in learning more about all religions!


  1. Just popping in to let you know that you've won a blog "Award." Thought you'd like to know!

  2. This one does look like a good one!

  3. Roof Beam Reader . . . Thank you so much!!! I'm very late in responding to this, but I saw it a while ago and posted in my Sunday Synopsis about it!! I was soooo excited about it and all the kind words you said about me!! :)

    J. Kaye . . . Doesn't it?!? :)

  4. This is one book that I definitely want to read, especially since I read Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy.
    The book of change - well that summarises this year for me! 2010 isn't so much the Year of Change as the Year of Massive Upheaval.

  5. Tracy . . . I have not read Pullman's trilogy yet, but I've been wanting to. Is there a connection to this one? If so, I wasn't aware of that! I hope you are adjusting to your Massive Upheaval okay . . . that can sometimes be good and sometimes not!

  6. TIF - His Dark Materials features a physicist who is an ex-nun, and she uses the I Ching. I won't say more or it will spoil it, but she first appears in The Subtle Knife, which I think is the best book of the three.

    As for the Massive Upheaval - I needed to leave my job, and so I did on a point of principal and very much impulsively at the time, after 21 years of working for the same organisation, back in April (though I still did voluntary work there for a few months - mainly in a vain attempt at preventing my partner from working even more hours than he already did - we used to work together). And now I have a new job, and we've just moved house, for the first time in fourteen years. No, massive upheaval isn't good at the time, but once the dust has settled it's fine - and I now have a job with an organisation that cares so much more about it's staff, work is fun again, which it hadn't been for a few years. And the new house is wonderful.

  7. Tracy . . . Hmmm, this one definitely sounds interesting! It really sounds like upheaval is an understatement! I hope that things are finally slowing down and you begin to enjoy life again . . . from the sounds of it, you are already heading in that direction! :)


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