Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sunday . . . Monday . . . Tuesday Synopsis: June 8, 2010

Wow!  Where did the week go?!?!  I had such high hopes of getting more things posted, but unfortunately, it just did not happen.  In fact, due to complications with Blogger and then my monthly book group last night that I hosted, I am even behind in posting my weekly wrap-up!  Not the best way in bringing back this feature, huh?!?

However, on the positive side, this is what I did actually get posted . . .

What's on tap for this week?  Well, to be honest, I am having a crazy, crazy week!  For those who are not aware, I do work full-time at a local university and I am currently in the midst of new student orientations.  It's a fun time of year, but I often get home later than usual and am exhausted from talking all day long!!  I am also in the midst of organizing for a garage sale on Saturday morning.  With these things in mind, I am going to try to take it a bit easy, work on more housekeeping issues thanks to Bloggiesta, and of course, read!  Much of what you can expect here this week will cover much of what I missed last week . . . 
  • Armchair BEA:  Wrap-Up Post & Personal Highlights
  • The Stand Read-A-Long:  The True Wrap-Up
  • Review:  The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan
  • Fairy Tale Fridays:  The Boy Who Cried Wolf by Aesop
  • Sunday Synopsis:  June 13, 2010
I can't wrap-up the week without highlighting a couple of items from around the blogosphere . . . 
That's it for now!!  Hope you have a great rest of week and I will see you back here soon!!


  1. I hear you on not getting anything done that you want. I had such high hopes for getting my reviews written this week. I've barely managed to glance at my reader. Where does the time go!

  2. I have always been amazed at the fact you work full time, have a family and you manage to blog, read, review, etc. Book blogging, though fun, is a LOT of work!

  3. Michelle . . . I've been wondering the same exact thing!! The week starts and next thing it is the weekend! I keep blaming it on it being my busy time of year at work, but it even happens during the slow times too!! :)

    J. Kaye . . . Yes it is a lot of work!! Whenever I think I have a balance, life always throws something in the mix that was unexpected OR I volunteer for yet another thing. I'm learning to say no though to help save my sanity! :)

  4. I look forward to the Book Chook Cookbook - I encouraged a few foodie book bloggers I know to submit recipes a while back. Not sure if they did or not but it will be fun to see all the results.

    Thanks for the link - I'm glad you found it useful!

  5. The Bumbles . . . You're welcome for the link! All my pleasure since I will be referring back to it!! I know that the recipes that I have collected have looked very yummy, so I'm very excited to see the final product!


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