Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fairy Tale Fridays: The Goose with the Golden Eggs

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I am extremely late in posting Fairy Tale Fridays this week for a variety of reasons, but it all boils down to an accident and crazy week!  I fell down some cement stairs last Sunday and have been very, very sore and healing slowly.  It hurt to sit, it hurt to walk, it hurt to do pretty much anything!!  BUT, I am feeling better . . . just in time for my hubby's birthday this week, major cleaning before a visit with my mother-in-law, and of course, Easter!  Wow!!  Now that I've got that out of the way, I will move on to our weekly selection!!

This week's selection was The Goose with the Golden Eggs.  I know that there are many versions out there, but I stuck with Aesop's version and because it is short, I have reproduced it for you below, including the moral:
There was once a man who was lucky enough to own a goose that laid him a golden egg every day.  However, since the process was so slow and since he wanted the entire treasure at once, he became dissatisfied and eventually killed the goose.  After cutting her open, he found her to be just what any other goose would be.
The more you want, the more you stand to lose.
What a sad end to a goose that only gave such treasure!  I believe this is a fable that attempts to demonstrate the benefits of delayed gratification and the importance of patience.  For me, this version just does not do it for me.  I like the basis, but believe that I have read versions that I have preferred more . . . just cannot remember which ones they may be!  

Do you have any recommendations?

Friday, April 9th:  Little Red-Cap by Brothers Grimm (aka Little Red Riding Hood)
Friday, April 16th: New, modern version of a classic tale 
Friday, April 23rd:  The Butterfly by Hans Christian Andersen
Friday, April 30th:  One-Eye, Two-Eyes, and Three Eyes by Brothers Grimm


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better. I didn't really care for this fable either.

  2. Just looked at the future list. Looks like a couple I'm not familiar with. It should be interesting to read them.

  3. carolsnotebook . . . Thanks! I am familiar with a couple of them, but I did chose a complete random one that I have never read before! I'm kind of excited about it!!


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