Friday, March 19, 2010

Fairy Tale Fridays: Rapunzel

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I apologize for the lateness in posting Fairy Tale Fridays today.  I typically post on Thursday evenings, but I unfortunately, have had a major spam attack this week and I was trying to clean up that mess.  I still have a lot of work to do, so I want to apologize now for being so late in responding to last week's posts!  I will get around to them very soon!  Now, on to this week's selection . . .

For today, we are discussing the classic tale of Rapunzel!  This is one of the few Grimms' tales that I believe actually has a true happy ending . . . that Rapunzel and her man lived happily ever after!  Of course, that would be after she was deserted, left to bear twins on her own, and the king's son had his eyes poked out by thorns thanks to the lovely enchantress!!  Despite the usual violence, this story leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy inside, giving you hope that things can work out in the end.

I recently have read a modern take on this story and will be sharing it in a future week.  It is graphic novel titled Rapunzel's Revenge written by Shannon & Dean Hale.  I want to leave you with a little sneak preview of my thoughts . . . I loved it!!  Have you read this tale yet?

Friday, March 26th:  The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Anderson
Friday, April 2nd:  The Goose with the Golden Eggs by Aesop
Friday, April 9th:  Little Red-Cap by Brothers Grimm (aka Little Red Riding Hood)
Friday, April 16th: New, modern version of a classic tale 



  1. It sure takes a a lot of misery to get to the happy ending.

    Mine's finally up, too.

  2. Oh, I can totally relate to the "spam" mess! I had something like that happen to me awhile back, and seriously,it seemed to take days to clean it up!

  3. Looking forward to hearing about the modern day take on it, sounds really interesting!

  4. carolsnotebook . . . Once again, I'm behind, but I do look forward to reading your post!! Can't wait!

    Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow . . . It took me quite a while to finally clean things up! ARGH to spammers!

    bitsy . . . I've already got it written and ready to post in a couple of weeks! :)

  5. Here I am at the end of my day getting this done. It was first on my much for my list:)
    Happy Friday Fairy Tale Friends!

  6. Peaceful Reader . . . I totally understand!!! I tend to get more done at the end of the day . . . maybe because it just doesn't get done during my day! Not even sure if that makes any sense!! LOL!! :)


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