Monday, February 22, 2010

The Stand Read-A-Long

I've been really considering a re-read of one of my all-time favorite books . . . The Stand by Stephen King.  Well, at least, I claim that it is one of my all time favorites, but I have not read this book in 10+ years.  I want to re-read it to see if I still rate it so high and to re-visit one of King's classics . . . one author I still stand by as being one of my favorites!

I am not yet sure which month I will do it in, but I am leaning towards March or April.  If you are up for a first-time read or re-read, let me know if you would like to participate and your preference of when to read it!  I will consider all feedback and post my decision by early next week.  Afterall, March is quickly approaching!!


  1. I've never read any King, but this is one I really want to read. March probably wouldn't work for me. April or May would be better.

  2. I don't know much about The Stand. Maybe you could do another post that gives some background on it?

    I think the only Stephen King I've ever read was The Green Mile.

  3. The Stand was my favorite book for many years! Then it got replaced by The Green Mile. If you haven't read that one yet, read it instead. If you have, than wait until April for The Stand. I need you in March!

  4. J.T. Oldfield . . . I definitely recommend it! I am thinking of April, but I will be posting with the details early next week!

    Kristen M. . . . Thank you for the great idea! I will do it in my announcement post! Guess I was being a bit egocentric, thinking everyone knew about this one!! :) BTW, what did you think of The Green Mile?

    Anonymous . . . I have read The Green Mile! I read it one book at a time when it was released as 6 little paperbacks! I did enjoy it, but The Stand still holds for me. We will see what I think on the re-read though!! BTW, what's in March??? I'm worried I'm missing something now!! :S

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