Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fairy Tale Fridays: The Princess and the Pea

Special Thanks to my Personal Faery Friend for the Button Art: Ye Olde Faery Shoppe

This week's selection, The Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian Anderson, was chosen in honor of Valentine's Day last Sunday.  This is one of Anderson's more popular tales, though one can also argue one of the more controversial through time.  Whatever the case, many of us are already familiar with the story.  A prince is searching for a "true" princess, but is not having much luck.  One night, a lady dripping with rain shows up on his doorstep claiming to be a princess.  The queen decides to discover the truth by placing a pea under a stack of matresses.  The princess was "sensitive" enough to feel it, didn't sleep a wink, and was rewarded with living happily ever after with her prince!

I have not read the original version of this tale in a long time.  When I read it this time around, I really began to wonder what the meaning of "sensitive" truly was.  Did it mean literally sensitive to touch?  Did it mean figuritively thin-skinned?  Did it mean emotionally, meaning the princess was more compassionate and empathetic?  And, then I had to wonder . . . Did princesses really speak this way to their hosts in the time it was written?!?  I personally imagine she would say that she slept beautifully, worrying that she would dis-respect the queen and prince.  And, how would this reaction fit into her "sensitivity"?

Whatever the case may be, I love that she spoke the truth and ended up living happily ever after!!  And, you can't beat that the pea is still possibly preserved today!!  :)

Don't forget the Fairy Tale GIVEAWAY!!!  It runs the whole month of February and you will not want to miss out!!

Next week, I am going to change things up a bit again!  I recently read a fable that struck a cord with me and I want to chat about that next week!  What could it be?  One of Aesop's Fables . . . The Monkey and the Camel.


  1. Thanks again Tif. I love reading your take on these fairy tales and what Realta has to say, even though I can't seem to leave a comment on her blog.

    I don't think I know the "The Monday and the Camel."

  2. I meant Monkey. Sorry.

  3. Okay, I finally got my post up. I had some Word Press issues earlier.

    I entered the URL in the McLinky.

  4. There was a really good version of the Princess and the Pea on Faerie Tale Theatre once:

  5. It is a standing joke in our family that i am the reincarnation of THAT princess. I do not sleep well, and I often wake up blaming the pea that had to have been inserted under the mattress.

    Actually, Carol, I think The Monday and the Camel would make for a fun title!

  6. carolsnotebook . . . LOL!! Monday and the Camel could be a good one, just as The Book Chook says!! :) To leave a comment on Realta's blog, I've discovered that you have to have an account through that blog system. I just set up a new account so that I could comment. And, of course, you are welcome! I love reading your thoughts!!

    Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow . . . Thanks for participating again! I'm glad you were able to get it working!

    heidenkind . . . I need to check out that video! I am going to do that right now!! I will be back!!

    The Book Chook . . . LOL!! You totally make me laugh!! I had no idea you were of royalty!! :)

  7. heidenkind . . . Just finished watching that video of Fairy Tale Theater! Who knew Liza Minelli was the star?!?! It made for a good laugh! Thanks for sharing!!


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