Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fairy Tale Fridays: The Emperor's New Clothes

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This week's selection for Fairy Tale Fridays is The Emperor's New Clothes.  I chose to read the original version by Hans Christian Anderson, but I personally grew up on a Disney version of the same tale with a few adaptations. 

"But he doesn't have anything on!" cried the little child.

I think that the one reason I have always been attracted to this tale is that fact that a child was the one to point out the obvious!  The child's innocence and lack of inhibitions is what confirmed the truth that the adults were seeing with their own eyes, but were unable to stand up and say themselves.  Adults have learned to be careful and think about the effect their actions or words can have on others.  Though I believe that this can be a good thing in some circumstances, it can also hinder us in others!  To be the one to stand out and be unique can be so hard for us, even the Emperor does it himself.  He does not want to appear foolish or unworthy, and therefore, goes along with the act of the con-men despite every piece of evidence otherwise!

We all want to fit into a group, but it is our diversity and uniqueness that allows us to be so great!  Children see it all the time, but oftentimes, adults want to hide their individuality and blend in.  I know that there are many days that I wish I could go back to those days . . . sometimes I open my mouth and do! . . . Maybe we should be this child more often?!?!

Now that I went completely off on a tangent (because I am a complete psychology nerd!!), what did you think of The Emperor's New Clothes?  Are you familiar with any modern adaptations of this one?

In honor of Valentine's Day, let go with a true happy ending next week in Hans Christian Anderson's The Princess and the Pea.

Don't forget the Fairy Tale GIVEAWAY!!!  It runs the whole month of February and you will not want to miss out!!



  1. I love how you focused on the child being the only one who was willing to take the risk and tell the truth.

    My post is up, too.

  2. carolsnotebook . . . Thank you!! BTW, I am sorry about the lack of Mr. Linky! I should have it up by lunchtime (my time!) and will insert your link for you!! Can't wait to read your's!!

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  4. Hey -

    Was not on the radar for the first two but I am back. So here is my entry on The Emperor's New Clothes. Looking forward to next week.


  5. This fairy tale does remind us to be one with our inner child-words to live by every day!! I am about to do a whole FT unit with 2nd and 3rd grade are giving me lots to contemplate.

  6. I think this is a story about common sense. We all want/need advice, but when we do something it's our asses hanging on the line no matter whose advice we followed. So you better make sure what you're doing sounds good to you, first.

  7. Realta Dubh . . . So good to have you back!!! Now, if only I could respond in a more timely manner!! :)

    Peaceful Reader . . . I'm curious . . . what are you contemplating??? I used to work with that age group, so you've got me intrigued!!

    heidenkind . . . LOL!! Literally hanging out there, huh?!?! :P


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