Saturday, December 5, 2009

Read.Read.Read-A-Thon Meme: Book Libs

Do you remember those crazy Mad Libs when we were younger, where we would come up with random words to fit into a pre-written story? Well, in honor of the Read. Read. Read-A-Thon hosted by Dreadlock Girl, I am hosting a little meme with the same general idea . . . but with a little twist!! We are going to be using our current reads to determine our words!

Go grab your current read as well as one book that you have recently completed, a writing utensil, and a pad of paper . . . don't worry, I'll wait for you!!

You will write down 10 words using the parameters below. They are pretty self-explanatory, but comment if you have questions.
  1. Location: refer to page 3 of your current read.
  2. Character Name: refer to page 7 of your current read.
  3. Character Name: refer to page 18 of your current read and select a different character than #2.
  4. Special Occasion: noted somewhere throughout the book that you have read thus far (i.e., holiday, birthday, milestone, etc.)
  5. Action Noun: selected from page 57 of your current read.
  6. Noun: selected from page 63 of your current read.
  7. Feeling: selected from page 42 of your current read.
  8. Verb: selected from page 100 of your current read.
  9. Adjective: selected from page 124 of your current read.
  10. Adjective: selected from page 82 of your current read.
  11. Final Sentence: use the final sentence to your past read here (but don't tell any of us which book it is!! I don't want the story ruined for you or me!!)

NO PEEKING BELOW!!!!! It will ruin the fun!!!

Once upon a time in the land of #1: Location, there lived #2: Character Name and #3: Character Name happily ever after. Is that not how the story always goes?!? On the night before #4: Special Occasion, #2: Character Name was sleeping peacefully when all of a sudden there was a #5: Action Noun. S/he jumped out of bed to awaken #3: Character Name.

As both stood there, looking at the #6: Noun in their front room, they felt #7: Feeling. How could it be? Was it true? To be face to face with #6: Noun was not possible. What were they to do?

With quick thinking, #2: Character Name and #3: Character Name exchanged a knowing glance and #8: Verb.

From there, we may never know what happened in this story. It could be #9: Adjective. Or, it could be #10: Adjective. It truly is a mystery! However what we do know is this . . . . #11: Final Sentence.

The End

Once you have completed your story, copy and paste what is written above, insert your special words, and share it with the rest of us! Insert your own title upon completion and use that as the subject of your post! And, don't forget to come back and add your link here! Have fun and enjoy a few giggles into the wee hours of the night!!

Even if you are not officially participating in the Read-A-Thon, I still encourage you to join in! Whether it is to participate in the meme or to cheer on the others' creativity, you will not want to miss out on the fun!!

Image courtesy of Mad Libs Official Website.


  1. Oh yeah, this is definitely my favourite meme so far. I could do a zillion mad libs. Here's my story, entitled "A Separate Peace of Furniture":

  2. perpetualspiral . . . I am so glad you enjoyed this meme!!

    tanabata . . . You are welcome! It was fun!


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