Saturday, August 15, 2009

Remember a Moon Made Out of Cheese?

Growing up, my cousin and I were always encouraged to read. We were read to often (especially by our grandparents), but we also were found hiding in all sorts of nooks and crannies reading ourselves or to each other. We both were early readers and still can be found with our noses in a book even today! Our love for reading has not failed us and despite our growing apart over the years, this has been one of our constant similarities and topics of conversations that will never die.

My cousin and I were recently discussing some of our favorite books growing up. One such book that came up was a book that we remember our Grandmother reading to us and it was one that we often went to on our own. Since then, we have both been searching for the book, but have had no such luck. The problem is . . . we cannot for the life of us remember the title!!!! We have asked our Grandmother as well as everyone else we can think of who would know . . . still no luck! So, I am turning to all of you in the hopes of a reunion!!

What do I remember about the book? Not much!! I remember mice being the main characters and I remember something about the moon being made out of cheese. The mice eat the cheese and viola! . . . the moon is now a crescent moon instead of a full moon. I remember the artwork as being primarily black and white with maybe a little yellow? That's about it!! Can you remember any children's picture book about a moon made out of cheese? If so, please share with me!! I'm in the mood of sharing this little snack with my own children!! :)


  1. I realize you posted this years ago, but I was looking for this story for my daughter tonight and found your post...did you ever find it?

    1. Aprille Roberts ... YES!!!! It is called Moon Mouse by Adelaide Holl!! Here's a link to the book on Goodreads with a picture of the cover if that helps:

  2. I love it! I also remember this book. Thank you for finding out about it!


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