Friday, August 14, 2009


Thanks to the crazy postal service, I have stumbled upon an AMAZING opportunity for a MUST-ENTER GIVEAWAY!!!! For all of you who love Sylvan Dell Publishing (a FABULOUS publisher in the field of educational children's books!!), you are going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my upcoming giveaways! I am uploading them all within the next few minutes, but I wanted to make one big post here announcing them all in one place in one post! I will include the links to each of them as I make them live. Just a couple of notes regarding the technicalities . . . .
  1. You must comment on each of the individual posts to enter into the giveaway. Unfortunately, due to my strapped pocket book, I can only open this to US residents at this time. (Sorry to my international readers! Please know that I still love ya!!)
  2. If you are wondering if these books are for you and/or your children, don't forget about my recent post (Sunday Synopsis) announcing the FREE access to ebook versions of each of these. Click here to view the book in an electronic format. You just need to hit enter and a whole virtual pile of books will appear. Find the titles that I am offering for my giveaway (or even browse the other great books) and enjoy!
  3. Each of these books are hardcover editions!

Now, off to get these individual giveaways posted!! Oh, and I will be reviewing each of these later this week! I've currently read three of the four and absolutely love them!!! Without further ado, here's the list and the links are to come shortly!


  1. They all look adorable! Too bad I don't have anyone to give them to, or I would enter. *L* Good luck with your contest!

  2. Thanks Alexia561! And, thanks for helping to spread the word!! :)


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