Friday, July 31, 2009

Literary Locals: July 2009

I'm so very excited about Literary Locals this month!! I have had so many new people sign up in just the last few weeks and I cannot wait to see what Literary Locals everyone has to share with us!

As for me, I'm still in the process of getting caught up on all of my reviews from our big move over the last couple of months. I know that I have a stack of local authors that I wanted to highlight, but I really think that I only have one review complete . . . the one that I posted last night! Isn't that horrible?!?! Hopefully, I will have a long list for next month!

I believe that Paolini is one of the better known Montana authors. Afterall, a movie was made of his first book in The Inheritance Cycle: Eragon. Does he really need the publicity for his series? Probably not! But, because I have a special place in my heart for Montana authors, he is going to get a highlight here from me!

Have you read this series before? Or, have you seen the movie, Eragon? I just want to add a little personal opinion here for any of you that may have only seen the movie . . . forget the whole thing!!!! In my opinion, the film that was made from Paolini's book is THE worst adaptation to the big screen that I have ever seen!! It did not give the author justice for his creativity and brilliance. It left out key details . . . as in forgetting to mention that Arya is an elf!! If you have only seen the movie, you MUST read the books to truly appreciate the mind of this young author.

On another note and speaking of Montana, I have added a fun little poll to my sidebar. Take a minute to submit your vote and share your travels on the Big Sky!


Support your local authors and post a review through the comment section (either via a link or directly embedded). As reviews are posted, I will update this post to reflect your local author highlights as well!
Check out these other local authors:


  1. Mine is up! Happy Friday!

  2. Very cool challenge! I'm overwhelmed with reading right now, so I'm not participating. But I just had to stop by a blog that features another Tif talking about books! (I'm Tiff as well. :))

  3. Mine is up:

    I've enjoyed the Paolini books and am waiting for the last in the series. I'll add links to your reviews on my page. Had no idea he was a Montana author. Thanks!

  4. Thank you so much for the Google reader insight. I am sure I will be asking you for help...I had no idea that you could do all of those things with it. :)

  5. Luckily I don't remember much of the Eragon movie so if I read this series, it don't think it will matter much. I will definitely not watch the movie again after the book though!

  6. Missy . . . I can't wait to check out your post!

    Tiffany . . . It's good to see another Tiff blogging!! I will have to check out your site! Also, this is really not a challenge, but an ongoing meme. If you just happen to read a local, just come on over and post your link! It's really that easy and can overlap with your current reading list!

    TexasRed . . . I can't wait to read your post!! I also can't wait for the remaining book in the cycle! Do you know when the release date is?

    Missy (again!) . . . No problem!! Feel free to ask me questions anytime! You can find my direct email link on the sidebar.

    Kristen . . . I highly recommend the series!! The movie left out soooooo many details and changed so many different things!! The book is much, much better (as is usually the case!).

    The Book Chook . . . thanks for voting!! :)

  7. Mine is up! Sorry that I am so late. Link:

  8. J. Kaye . . . Just left you a comment on your post!


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