Thursday, July 9, 2009

Andy and the Lion by James Daugherty

**Young Readers Challenge**

Andy goes to the library to get a book about lions. He reads all about them and next thing you know, he meets and befriends one. They have a little adventure and the next day, Andy returns the book to the library!!

The thing that I like about this book is actually the story itself. I love that it is a story about how stories can bring the reader adventures and open up their imagination. Just think about a creative child and what kind of stories they can create simply by reading a book about lions or penguins or dinosaurs. Reading CAN be so much fun!!

Andy and the Lion is a 1939 Caldecott Honor Book. For me, the illustrations were just okay. I did not find them completely outstanding, but they were not bad either. Here’s the thing . . . as I am reading all the Caldecott books that I can find, I am discovering that the art in books back in the earlier days is different from the modern day illustrations. I do not think that the art is better for more recent books, just different. Art has come a long way and I have been exposed more to the modern art in children’s books. And, that is why I think that the art in Daugherty’s work is just okay for me. I’m thinking it may be a generational thing, but . . . I will get back to you on my conclusion after I read the other books from that year!


  1. This looks like one that Z would like ... we'll look for it!

  2. If you find it, let me know what you think!


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