Monday, March 16, 2009

Share a Story-Shape a Future: Technology and Reading

Day 5 . . . Share a Story-Shape a Future: Technology and Reading - What the Future Holds

I often wonder and worry about the future of books and literacy; however, this excerpt from the Share a Story-Shape a Future tour has made me feel much better about it! When it comes down to it, I get a little scared about not having a book in my hands when I read. I truly appreciate the book with all five of my senses. Let me demonstrate . . .

  1. Touch: For me, nothing beats the the feeling of a book in my hands! I love to be able to flip open a book, to turn the pages, to feel the imprint of the word and artwork on the covers and pages.
  2. Sight: As I mentioned before, I do not feel completely at home without the pictures on my walls and the books on my shelves. To see the many books sitting on my shelves, I feel a sense of pride, a sense of ownership, and quite simply, passion! And, when you are reading one of those really, really long books, it is so good to see just how far you are getting through it!
  3. Sound: Have you ever noticed the sound of a page turning in a book? Try it sometime! Find yourself a secluded area with complete silence. Pick up a good book, start reading, and listen for that sound yourself! Ahhhhh!!!
  4. Smell: I LOVE the smell of books. Some people have mentioned to me that books oftentimes smell dusty and musty. To me, the smell reminds me of adventure!!
  5. Taste: No I do not lick my books!!!! I mean an indirect taste here!! When I sit down to read a book, I oftentimes will have one of my favorite beverages sitting right next me and I have associated these tastes with the joy and pleasure of reading and ultimate relaxation. Are you wondering what they are? For those curious minds . . . hot chocolate in the winter and lemonade in the summer!

So, when I think of the future of the books, I worry that all five of my senses are going to be missing out! However, now that I have read the guest posts, I now have a better understanding of where books and literacy are headed! I'm always up for a good read in the car on a road trip . . . but it is rather difficult when you are driving!! (No worries, I don't actually read when I am driving!) Audiobooks are the perfect answer and is something that I already take advantage of. I'm still a bit old-fashioned and am not familiar with much of the other options (e-books, podcasts, etc.), but I am willing to give them a try. In fact, I have my first e-book that I'm about to begin later this week! But to be quite honest, nothing will beat curling up in an overstuffed chair in front of the fire with a good book in hand . . . at least for me!!

Anyways . . . check out all the great posts at the link above. And, for one final reminder (for this is the last day of tour), I will post my personal favorites below.

Guest Posts:


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