Friday, March 6, 2009

Poe Fridays: Angel of the Odd

Poe Fridays (click here for this week's original post) is hosted by Kristen over at We Be Reading.

Throughout this little meme, I am discovering how much Poe I have NOT read before!! Angel of the Odd was another selection that was new to me. If you have not read this short story or need a refresher, click here.

This short story was truly odd! In fact, I personally thought that it was probably the oddest one yet. I have no problems with odd or weird or even morbid like many of his stories are, but this one was just a bit much for me! I had a hard time getting the story, period! I assume that the narrator was just hallucinating from too much to drink, but to me the hallucinations were just not believeable. Then again, maybe the story was a bit autobiographical, especially considering Poe's habits. Did this story really come from one of his own experiences?!?! Who knows!!

Next week: The Fall of the House of Usher


  1. Definitely ODD! That's part of why I chose a known story for next week ... I ended up a little freaked out after this one!

  2. This one was too weird for me, too. I'm excited for next week - I love The House of Usher!


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