Friday, February 27, 2009

Literary Locals: February 2009

It's time to highlight and support our local authors again!! Have you read or discovered any of your local authors this month? If so, share your treasures here!!

As for me, I have only read and reviewed one local author this month. I find this man's biography to be an very intriguing one! You do not get to experience the life of a real life Dr. Alan Grant (from Jurassic Park for those that are not familiar with this name) very often!! His name is Jack Horner and you can read his bio by clicking here. As for the book that I reviewed, it's called Digging Up Dinosaurs. The book is written for ages 9-12, but I believe that it is one that can be enjoyed by all ages!!


Support your local authors and post a review through the comment section (either via a link or directly embedded). As reviews are posted, I will update this post to reflect your local author highlights as well!

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