Friday, January 30, 2009

Literary Locals: January 2009

For our very first monthly Literary Locals piece, I wanted to actually take the time to highlight some reviews that are already in my archive! Feel free to click on each one for more information.

Pete Fromm is one of my favorite Montana authors! I've included a couple of links for my recent reads, one of which includes a brief mention of one of my favorite books of his, Indian Creek Chronicles. Someday, I intend to re-read and post a review that gives that book the justice it deserves!! And, I plan on eventually getting around to reviewing his other books that I have read pre-blog!
The next author is much more well-known around the country, but because he is another Montana author, I thought that I would cover him here as well. Christopher Paolini began writing his trilogy when he was only 15 years old. That is very impressive in my eyes!! His latest book in this series (that is no longer a trilogy!), Brinsinger is currently sitting on my nightstand, waiting for me to pick up!
Many people are aware of this next author, Chuck Palahniuk of Washington State. I have yet to read his most talked about novel, Fight Club, but it is definitely on my must-read list.
Having lived in multiple states with another move in the near future, I know that I will never be short of discovering my local authors! Though many may come from Montana, you can expect to see many other locals from all across the country from me!

Support your local authors and post a review through the comment section (either via a link or directly embedded). As reviews are posted, I will update this post to reflect your local author highlights as well!

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