Friday, January 23, 2009

ATTN: Poe Fans, Must Read!

For all you Edgar Allen Poe fans out there, Kristen over at We Be Reading is celebrating the works and life of the infamous author in honor of his 200th birthday. Every Friday, she will be highlighting and discussing a piece of Poe's work, either short story or poem as well as posting the next feature. Her first pick is his short poem titled, "A Dream Within A Dream," and it is already posted here. When you get a chance, check it out and join in on the freaky fun!! :) I will try to periodically post my own thoughts here on some of my favorite pieces as they come up.

Just a personal side note . . . I discovered Poe in high school (as I am sure many others did with their required reading!), but I became a bit obsessed with him and his poetry during those dark teenage years! I came across a copy of his completed works while I was in college and could not resist a little blast into the past. What did I discover? I still love the author and probably more than I did during my younger years. Looking at the works with more maturity and experience behind me helps me to appreciate him (and understand his personal demons) a little bit more.

Now, I'm off to find my copy of his completed works!!

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  1. Thanks for joining in, Tif! I also loved Poe in college and hadn't read a lot of his work since then except for the occasional Raven re-read. So that's why I started this. There seem to be different things about his writing that appeal to different age groups and I wanted to see what spoke to me now.


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