Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tunnels by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams

Meet Will Burrows . . . a 14-year-old boy that does not quite fit in, not even with his own family. Though he is different from everyone around him, he does have some bonds: Will's closest and only friend, Chester, another kid that is also a bit of an "outsider" and Will's dad, Dr. Burrows, in which Will shares a passion for archeological digs. His life is a bit drab . . . he goes to school where he is far from popular, heads to his current "dig", and then home for meal and bed. Then, his father goes missing and his life is turned upside down, taking him to trenches he has never been before!

The book is an easy read and an interesting story. The reader will explore many depths, from intriguing characters, lost cities, and everything in between (and maybe even a little deeper!). There are many a twist, some that I was expecting and others that I was not. Ultimately, the book leaves you hanging, wanting more, and wondering what happens to Will, Chester, Dr. Burrows, and a few others I wish to remain anonymous at this time.

The sequel, Deeper, is scheduled to be released February 3, 2009. I would give you a bit of a description, but I feel that it would give away the surprises and "dirt" of this one, and I simply want you to discover those on your own! However, I will refer you to the books' website for more in-depth fun (click here).

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