Sunday, August 3, 2008

For One More Day by Mitch Albom

Yet another simply good read from Albom! I know that many people's complaints about this author are that he is too simple, that he has some great ideas for stories but that they are too complex for his writing. However, I completely disagree!! Sometimes, a person needs a simple book to read and if you want reflection, I think Albom's simplicity actually results in the reader's more complex rumination!!

In his latest story, Charley Benneto has the opportunity to spend one more day with the mother that he lost years before. Benneto's life seems to be in shambles . . . he drinks too much, he loses his job, leaves his family, and is not even invited to his daughter's wedding. He has officially hit rock bottom! In fact, he feels that there is no place else to go with his life and attempts to take his own life. After failing miserably at even this task, he ends up back in his childhood home with his mother. They spend an ordinary day together, but that ordinary day may just lead Benneto to turn his life around.

After finishing this book, I personally began to wonder many things . . .

If I could spend one more day with someone that I have lost, who would it be? And, how would my life change because of it?

Is there more to a person's life and choices than meets the eye? And if there is, would I view this person in a different light? Would I be more apt to forgive and forget?

And, what about those infamous family secrets that so many families (if not all of them!) have? What makes people choose to share or not share these secrets? And, what effects do these secrets have on the lives of those involved?

Hmmm . . . simple read, but definitely more complicated pondering that results! :)

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