Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer

Finally, I am caught up on all my reads since having my baby!! This is actually my most recent read and one that I could not wait to talk about. Putting it at the bottom of my pile was great motivation to finally get all caught up on this blog!!

I know that there are many crazy fans for the Twilight series out there, many obsessed particularly with the character of Edward. I do not consider myself to be one of those crazy fans (at least not like I'm crazy for Harry Potter!). I did not attend a midnight release party. And, I actually do NOT really care for Edward, at least going into this final book. However, I do still really enjoy this series. It's a nice change of pace, particularly for the vampire stories, and it is a read that you can rely on to be good!

Overall, I was very pleased with the end result of this series, though I was VERY shocked at the direction that the story took! It wrapped things up very well and Edward ultimately in the end was taken off my list of characters that I do not really care for. I guess you could say that he redeemed himself in my eyes! For those that have not read this book, do NOT read any further!! I am about to reveal some very important details of the story!!

**Spoiler Alert**

I am very curious to know who else was completely surprised by the pregnancy. This was a direction that took me by complete and utter surprise!! I had no idea that the story would take this route and actually did not believe it for quite a bit further into the book!! I guess I was in denial!! However, once I progressed further into the book, it all began to make perfect sense and I could not imagine any other option for Meyer to take.

Jacob is definitely my favorite character of the entire series, and throughout the first three books, I really felt that he was getting the shaft on everything!! He is so kind-hearted and just that how could he ever lose out? When I find out that he had imprinted on Renesme (though I guessed it just pages before it was revealed), I thought . . . JUSTICE!!! It all makes perfect sense!! Afterall, he is in a sense getting a good portion of Bella along with that love! And, I like Renesme better than Bella anyways!! :)

I am glad to know that there was a truce called between the vampires and the werewolves! In every other book, both vampires and werewolves are made out to be the bad guys, the horrors. I love that these horrors turn out to be the protectors and fighters of what is right! And, they do it together!!

In the end, I would definitely give this series very high praise! I would recommend and have recommended the series to everyone! I just have to wonder with how the ending was written, does Meyer leave herself open to additional stories to be written? Maybe not about Bella and Edward, but others? What do you think? I have to wonder!!

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  1. I LOVED this finale! I have to be honest, Meyer took the book in a few crazy directions that took me completely by surprise. Much to my chagrin, I didn't even get that Jacob imprinted on Renesme until my friend (we were reading the book simultaneously) commented on it! I'm kind of questioning my brain of late...

    Anyway, I hate when an author doesn't give you what you want to be more "realistic", but I've never been so satisfied with a series in my life (perhaps a slight exaggeration, but bear with me).

    I definitely thought she left room for some kind of continuation...


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